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Hi I'm James

I love to learn. Sometimes my knowledge gets me in trouble, but I can always turn to God for help. P.S. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I have always loved learning. As a child, most of the books I read were books about how machines work. Granted, some of those books were about how fictional machines worked (StarWars cut-away books come to mind), but learning has always been something I've loved doing. Using that knowledge is also important. For example, I remember when I first learned how to make and use a siphon pump. I then took a hose out to my sandbox to siphon water from a "lake" on one side to a "lake" on the other side. Sometimes I've gotten myself into trouble by knowing just enough to be dangerous. For example, knowing just enough about canoeing to get into swift rapids, but not enough to navigate back towards the shore in aforementioned rapids. But that's how life is. We experience things and we learn. Some days I learn from books, some days I learn through experience, some days days I learn from people, and some days I learn through many different methods. I love college. College has been one of the greatest learning experiences for me. I learned in class, at home, and everywhere inbetween. I would study computer engineering one hour and then attempt to cook ramen and mixed vegetables the next. I am also serving a mission for my church, where I have the opportunity to teach others about what we believe. I have learned many important lessons for life from this experience as well as college. I love my mission! I hope I never stop learning.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because our church works! The teachings of my church help me become a better person, they help me come unto Christ, my Savior and my Redeemer, and they help me find happiness. I have found great power to be a force for good by living the gospel. The knowledge that we have because of the Restoration of the Gospel has helped me understand our purpose here, and what we need to do to find peace in this world and eternal life in the world to come. I try to keep an open mind to new ideas, and I've found lots of truth in other religious and secular teachings, yet I have not found any greater teachings than that of the Restored Gospel. Through my living of Gospel Principles, I have come to know of their truth. We can see that gravity works by dropping a notebook, and I have seen that prayer works by seeking divine guidance from our Heavenly Father. Most of all, though, I have felt God's love in my life; I have felt the peaceful feeling of the Holy Ghost. It's a feeling that I cannot describe, nor could I re-create it on my own. I can tell that it's a divine feeling, a feeling that comes from a source other than our own emotions. And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is filled with that teachings to invite that love into our lives.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by doing my best to become more like Christ. Christ is the ultimate example of how to live a perfect life in an imperfect world. As I've come to understand just what he has done for me, my greatest desire in life has become following him as best I can. I do my best to learn what he has asked of us and who he was so that I can better understand what I need to do. I try to apply the enabling and redeeming powers of the Atonement in my life each day to overcome the obstacles in my life. As I try to have more charity for the people around me, I've found that the quality of my life has improved. Turning outward to help others rather than turning inward to help myself has become something that I am striving to do better in my life.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

The fact that there is life on earth tells me that there is a God. On the chances of life starting I have heard "the probability of life just starting in the Universe is about the same as a tornado rolling through a junkyard and leaving a Boeing 747, ready to fly, in its wake." That the universe exists, and that everything in it works in a way that allows for life to live and flourish is one thing that tells me there is a God. I have also seen many small miracles in my life, too many to be attributed to mere coincidence, for me to be able to deny the existence of God. Show more Show less