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Hi I'm Sarah

I'm studying Environmental Science. I'm an artist, writer, jazz singer, vegetarian, and traveler. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've always had a passion for protecting the Earth, so I went into Environmental Science in college. I'm often called a "treehugger" because of this and my love for the outdoors and everything it has to offer, with backpacking being my favorite thing to do. I also love to travel, and hope to be able to focus on international environmentalism and get a Master's in Ecology, ultimately working to improve the environment of the slums. I'm a vegetarian for a few reasons: I disagree with the industry's way of raising animals, I just love animals, I want to be healthy, and I love vegetables. I enjoy finding vegetarian recipes from different countries and couple this with yoga and frequent hiking for what I see as a healthy lifestyle. I have an imaginative, colorful mind, and I love putting words, ideas, and colors together, especially in photography, charcoal drawings, and poetry. I grew up singing jazz with my father, who is a professional jazz pianist and a DJ, as well as learning piano with my mother who graduated in Music Therapy. I love traveling and raised money to go volunteer alone in the slums of Kenya. I was there for two months, building a school, teaching, counseling, etc. I then went to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. My guide and I summited Uhuru (Freedom) Peak, the highest point on the tallest freestanding mountain on Earth. I currently work as a Plant Development Intern and am preparing for a mission to Wellington, New Zealand.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true, restored Gospel, organized by God and Jesus Christ to be their complete church in these days. I was raised a Mormon and from a young age was able to feel God's love for me very strongly. I began reading the scriptures and praying about them and have received unmistakable witnesses of the Holy Spirit. I really enjoy the Book of Mormon and New Testament because of their clear and beautiful applications to life. They are what started my testimony of the Gospel. Through them and prayer, I have come to know my Savior, Jesus Christ. His gift of the Atonement is something I am so deeply grateful for and something I know is far beyond my comprehension. His grace is a miracle; that God could accept us and make up for our flaws after we have tried our hardest to serve him and love him is a gift I am in awe to have been given. We try our best, and we love Christ, and even if we did everything we possibly could to be our best, as humans we could not have the power to be saved without Christ's Atonement to make up for our shortcomings. What a gift. I am a Mormon because I love Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because of the peace I find in the doctrines of the gospel. I am a Mormon because I see the joy it brings to the lives it touches, including my own. I am a Mormon because Joseph Smith, a boy of 14, prayed in a grove of trees and saw God and His Son, Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because his people suffered and died through persecutions and a journey across the nation to find a place free from the attacks of angry mobs. I am a Mormon because I believe Jesus Christ. I believe He has power to help us find true joy in this life on Earth. I believe He helps me withstand blows from the adversary that would otherwise knock me over and cause me unbearable suffering. I believe He Atoned for our sins so that we, God's children, could make it back to live with Him.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving others. I personally believe that Jesus Christ wants us to serve each of His children, so I try to respond to promptings to serve others. I'm currently involved in a non-profit organization that builds schools in Kenya. I have volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation center, homeless shelter, and at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, but perhaps most importantly I serve the people around me. I'm going on a religious mission to New Zealand to be a full-time servant of the Lord. My goal in this is not to convince everyone their religions are wrong and mine is right, because I actually love looking at other religions and finding their wisdoms and truths. I instead hope to share the love of Jesus Christ I have found in the LDS gospel, the gospel I do believe to incorporate all the truths existing in other gospels into a marvelous religion that brings me so much comfort and peace. What a glorious thing the gospel is, truly "good news." How could I not share it? I like to sing every once in awhile for my church. I believe music is unique in the way it can so quickly bring the Spirit to the hearts of the listeners. I was president of a group of young women, where I was able to learn leadership skills at a young age. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to teach lessons, learn how to organize meetings, create group activities centered around the needs of the individual girls, and solve problems. I've been involved in helping with girl's camps, which has been a very rewarding experience. I follow the commandment to be virtuous, trying to cultivate an eventual Christlike feeling of charity. I also choose to be completely abstinent before marriage, something my boyfriend also practices. We date happily, participating in lots of outdoor activities and avoiding the worries that come with premarital intimate relationships. I am a Mormon. I live it and I love it.