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Hi I'm Megan Sandy Alpes-Fourie

" You cant do everything but you can do something"

About Me

I am currently a Forensic Science student and an active member of the LDS church who is serving a calling as a second counsellor in primary. I am a family girl who believes passionately about the importance of a family as well as the strength of the gospel and the priesthood within your family. My aspirations are to one day have a family of my own and to join the police after my degree and work my way up to detective constable. Through my life people close to me have been hurt due to hardness of hearts and some individuals incapability to be obedient to the laws of the land. Therefore I decided that I wanted to protect and serve the public . Keeping them safe and helping to give closure to families who have lost loved ones due to unfortunate circumstances. I love the world and everyone in it and hope to meet and make a difference in many peoples lives along my journey through life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the LDS church however i have always been interested in learning about other faiths as a way of deciding if this really is the true church. Through my research and being so close to the LDS church; experiencing all these amazing undesirable feelings of happiness you just cant fault it. This is the true church and i know that with all my heart, in the bible it is written that if you seek and answer ask it in my name and you shall receive. I know a lot of people ponder what that really means but don't realize that it means exactly what it says. If you ask in the name of Jesus Christ he will answer and he has answered me many times. If you want to know which church to join and if it is the true church; just do as Joesph smith did,Get down on your knees,pray and have faith, then he will deliver. The church is amazing i have experienced so many amazing and un-belivable things while in the church . Yes i know you expect to hear something like this from someone who was born into the church but i have had a few rough spots. I stopped going to church at 13 for personal reasons and i never really realized until going back to church at 17 how much it had effected me . I was very depressed , when i came back to church my life was filled with happiness and Joy . i still get depressed however the spirit puts my mind at ease when i'm upset , scared or anxious . The church helps you to understand why we are here and aids you in receiving eternal happiness.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by loving and caring for everyone around me regardless to weather they are my friends or family. I don't believe in labels and it isn't fair that someone is judged by others around them.I have witnessed people being ridiculed because of these labels.My friend was most hated boy in the school, he was physically and mentally bullied, with only 4 friends who were not nice to him either.One day in science despite the worry of also being picked on by the other students i spoke to him. That's when i discovered that he wasn't so bad after all and is actually one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, i helped and still help him with his server depression. He still struggles at college and i do my best to help him see the good in himself.I spend my life looking for thoughts who are crying out for help , a lot of the time it isn't obvious but the Holy Ghost leads me to thoughts people and i work hard trying to help them gain confidence in them selves. I do this by showing them how much i care and love them daily , through the things i do and say. The reason why i do this is not only because the church teaches us to love one another but because i was once a victim of bulling. I had no self confidence and wanted to hide from the world . the church helped me to raise my confidence in my self through young women's lessons and by teaching you to use your talents( performed solos at school concerts) . i strive to help others who are going through a similar situation.