What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Alonso Lopez

I grew up in Maryland. Now from Utah. I love serving people, playing guitar, and laughing.. a lot! I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I'm Alonso! I love to be a goofball, play guitar, play videogames, sleep, eat, work hard, and be my best for the Lord. I'm on my way home soon from serving a two year mission for the church and am so grateful for the wonderful experience I've had. I feel privileged to represent my family and my country as a missionary right now in Upland California! It's a beautiful diverse city that I've loved to serve in! I've also been in the cities of Rialto, Victorville, and Hesperia. Southern California is where it's at! I was a college student and plan to continue following my mission, we take a break from school when we serve missions, and getting home I'll continue working on an English Major! Hopefully someday I'll be in Law school or working on an MBA. I hope even more to finish! Haha. My absolute favorite hobby is playing the guitar. I've played in rock bands with my friends and accomplished a dream at a high school talent show when I slid to the front of the stage on both knees while starting a solo. It is such a great rush when you are on stage and performing music you love to people who appreciate it.

Why I am a Mormon

I decided that I was going to be a missionary when I was just 15. I'm sure if anyone of us look back to that age, we remember it being a confusing time. It definitely was for me. I was no longer a kid, reality began to hit, and I was scared. Going to church didn't seem that interesting. I went to see my friends, and because I felt pressure from my parents. One morning, I told my mom I didn't want to go to church anymore. That developed into a HUGE argument. I went reluctantly, and the whole day felt frustrated. The arguing continued all throughout the day and that same night I began to question whether God even existed. Out of nowhere I felt the need to simply ask God if He was there. I prayed out loud, and sat there on my knees, thinking, when out of nowhere I felt the most beautiful feeling in my heart. I felt whole! Tears in my eyes, I apologized to my mom, and told her I loved church. She began crying and I hugged her and I felt the pure love of Christ for me. Since that day, I have always felt God answer my prayers. I've asked Him if the Book of Mormon is true and has he responded to me with a feeling of peace in my heart, and I cannot deny that it was the Holy Ghost. Simply put, I am a Mormon because that is what makes me happy, and I am a missionary because I want you to be happy!

How I live my faith

At this time, I am a full-time missionary for the church. You may have seen one of us around! White shirt, black name tags. As youth in the church, we are encouraged to go on missions and share what we know is true. For 2 years we share the great news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, putting aside all other personal matters. We leave our families, friends, hobbies, and homes to do the greatest service we can do, that is teach the world about our loving Savior. We believe serving your fellow man is serving God. So any opportunity I find to serve someone from doing simple yard work to visiting and just talking to someone that needs an ear to hear them I like to do because the feeling I get from doing something like that is phenomenal. I believe my Heavenly Father has given me every blessing I have in my life. Just to pay back a little to him and to my fellow men grants me the most beautiful feeling.

What is a ward/stake/branch?

Alonso Lopez
A ward is what we call the congregations in our faith. Branches are smaller congregations. Each member is assigned to a ward depending on where they live and what language they speak. In California, you could go to an English, Spanish, Samoan, or Tongan ward in any given place. Stakes are a group of wards. In the Old Testament, Isaiah compares the church to a tent which is held up by various stakes (Isaiah 54:2), therefore, the various stakes throughout the world hold up the church as a whole. Worldwide, the church teaches the same doctrine. On Sundays, the same lessons are taught in all the wards/branches throughout the world. Each ward/branch is consistent in the one true doctrine we profess to believe. Show more Show less