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Hi I'm Marlee Matta

As a dancer, writer, and a recovered Anorexic with a split-religion family, I chose at a young age to live as a Mormon.

About Me

Over the last 7 years, I believe God has placed me in certain places, has provided me with special people, and has given me challenges to test my faith. I recently completed my second year of college at Utah State University (Go AGGIES!) continuing my degree in English, emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in Family Development. Before I moved to college, becoming a writer had never been my intent though I always had a unique talent and passion for it. I began my first year at Utah State and wrote a paper for my introductory English class. I will never forget the moment my professor pulled me out of class encouraging my potential as a writer. "Marlee, I see so much potential in you! I challenge you to get this published!" Since that moment, I knew it was Heavenly Father answering my heart-felt prayers about choosing a career path. The following school year, I was in a class that was far more difficult than I anticipated. I nearly failed a essay and a quiz that I had put so much time of study and effort into preparing for. I questioned my faith in Heavenly Father if this was truly the career path I needed to follow. I opened my scriptures, and it seems as if He knew the words I needed to hear. 2 Nephi 27:22-26 told me that I am meant to be a writer. I felt the spirit stronger than I ever have and I was reassured for the first time prayers were answered.

Why I am a Mormon

Living the Gospel principles which we are taught and encouraged to live brings me the greatest happiness that none else has. I feel as though my spirituality is innate, but that does not mean I have had to work for it to stay strong. I have experienced the greatest joys, saddest days, and unforgettable laughs in my life and I have overcome Satan with the power of God. When I was 14 years old after year of excessive attention to my dancer's body, I found myself slowly slipping into a dangerous state of Anorexia Nervosa. Though healthy now, my physical, mental, and spiritual health were in great suffering at that tender age. However, through special friends, doctors, family members, and temple and priesthood blessings, I have overcome the discouragement Satan put me through. I still experience dark days concerning my body-image, but I reminded that my body is beautiful because God made it that way. He made my spirit strong because He knew I'd need it at certain times in my life when I'd feel weak and unable. I have been converted to this Gospel because of His goodness, His love for His children, and the peace I am given when I choose right. I know God is happy with my life and we can become holy even as He is. He will not miss a single moment of our lives because he already knows it. I have faith in eternal life, faith in his existence, and faith in pursuing the course of life according to His will.

How I live my faith

I grew up with a non-member father and a member mother who are both very strong in faith. My parents are how my testimony has been built so strong. They have each supported my two older brothers and I in school, dance, soccer, singing, and most importantly - our faith and religion. As I watched my older brothers gain testimonies and choose to serve two-year missions for our church, our loving parents were not hesitant to say yes, as long as it was their own personal desire to serve the Lord. I live my faith by choosing to partake of the Sacrament each week. It renews my commitment to Heavenly Father. I live my faith by following small promptings I receive from the Spirit. I live my faith by putting trust in Him as he directs my course of life - even now, as I am serving an 18 month mission in the Illinois Chicago mission. I know living the true principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings the most enervating, fun, rewarding, exhausting, and blessed opportunities of our lives that will guide us throughout marriages, obtaining careers, and becoming parents of God's precious children. My faith isn't perfect, but through it, I am able to have the courage to rely on my Savior and His teachings. These blessings I am grateful for as I feel the Spirit in my heart when I see God's mercy in my life each day. He has blessed me with an incredible family, means to acquire an education, friends who inspire righteous choices, and opportunities for leadership to better become as He is.