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Hi I'm Becca

I'm an avid reader, a mathematician, the oldest of seven children, a missionary in Fresno, California, and also a Mormon.

About Me

First, and foremost, I am the eldest of seven kids. Yep, seven. I love it. It does get loud, crazy, and often, quite hectic, but I love all my siblings and can't imagine life without them. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have grown up in such a way that I love learning. I am an avid reader and love reading any fantasy or science fiction book I can get my hands on. Life often gets in the way, but I like to read whenever I can, even though that's not often nowadays. I am also a musician. I play flute and piano, but consider myself more a pianist than a flutist. I love classical music, especially the more expressive pieces. Music is definitely one way I relax and de-stress. I am currently attending Brigham Young University, and at the moment, my major is Applied Mathematics. I am one of the weird people who actually enjoyed linear algebra, and have taken a few high level math classes, and can't wait to take more. I absolutely love it! I may minor in astronomy, because I love learning how God organized our world and all the amazing things He has created. I have worked with one of the astronomy professors here at BYU and did research with transiting exoplanets (planets around other stars.) I hope to work with 3D printers after college, doing mathematical modeling to help figure out how to 3D print organs using people's own cells, thus reducing the risk of the organ being rejected and helping people who need organ transplants.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in this church, so I don't have that "my other church didn't answer all my questions" or "my other church just didn't feel right" story that some others have. I am a member because I have had those questions that everyone wonders about, and I have asked. I have asked God, the creator of the universe and of the plan to send us here, and He has seen fit to answer me. He has not appeared to me, or talked to me from a burning bush, but I have felt His Spirit touch my heart, leaving no doubt as to the truthfulness of whatever principle I was asking about. I am a member because I know that Heavenly Father lives, that He is a real person, that He knows me and loves me more than I can imagine and more than I know I deserve. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that He died for me, someone who has made many mistakes and will always need His grace. I know that Joseph Smith did indeed see God the Father and Jesus Christ. I have asked many times to know whether or not he was telling the truth, and I now know that he was. I know that Russell M. Nelson is our prophet today. I have followed his counsel and have been blessed. I know that the Church is the same church that Christ started when He was on the earth, with the same authority. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I have asked about it many, many times. I have felt the Spirit as I have read it testify that it is true. I am a Mormon because I believe that God loves everyone equally, and that He speaks to us today like in ancient times. The God I have come to know loves us so much that He refuses to leave us as we are, but will ask us to make changes in our lives to become more like Him and His Son. I am so thankful to know God's plan for us and how He helps us to eventually return to live with Him again. I am a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it.

How I live my faith

Being at BYU, living the truth we have is just an everyday part of life. But I'm not from Utah, so that wasn't always the case. I'm from Virginia, where there aren't very many members of the church, at least not where I'm from. For me, living my faith is a lot about perspective. It's so easy to focus on the minutae of our daily lives, but the truth I have gives me a different perspective. I know that I have a Heavenly Father who is in control, and I know He has a plan specifically for me. I know that He knows exactly what's going on in my life, and He's put it there for a reason. Knowing that I'm having the experiences and trials I'm having for a reason helps me not get bitter, but instead look for what I can learn. Also, living my faith is about staying close to God. There have been times in my life where I've tried to do everything on my own, when I didn't look to God for help tried to solve my problems by myself. I can tell you that those were some of the worst times in my life, because I failed pretty abysmally. I have learned, through hard experience, that when I turn to God, He can make so much more out of my life than I can. I am about to begin serving a mission in the California Fresno Mission. I'm so excited to share the happiness the gospel brings me with the people in the Fresno area!