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Hi I'm Charlotte

I love climbing, music, and old type writers. I'm serving a mission in Kiev, Ukraine...and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to describe my existence as a "love affair with life!" I probably laugh too much, and definitely talk too much. Professionally, I am a writer and a public relations specialist. I plan, strategize and write a whole bunch of cool stuff from web content for teens to short stories for a children's magazines. I consider my library card a prized possession and love to indulge in Dr. Who every now and then, but I'm happier when I'm active: swimming, running, dancing, hiking, rock climbing -- really anything that lets me celebrate the fact that I'm alive. From June 2013 to January 2015 I hit the pause button on my regular day-to-day life and packed my bags to serve a mission in Kiev, Ukraine! It was an unbelievable adventure and an amazing opportunity to share the things that make me happiest. There's nothing like devoting everything you are and all the time you have to others. I think service is a big key to happiness, so even though I'm not a missionary anymore, I try to make it a part of my life.

Why I am a Mormon

The gospel just makes sense. On a deeper, eternal level, the teachings found in the Book of Mormon and the words spoken by our modern day leaders just resonate. I have certainly had my doubts and struggles, but even in my darkest days of doubt, something deep inside of me would never let me abandon my beliefs. Life is a whirlwind. Career, social expectations, personal expectations, basic needs, etc. yank us in every direction. So many voices are shouting new must-haves, new 'quick fixes,' new ways to be happy, but nothing has brought me the peace and deep happiness that the teachings of Jesus Christ have. Because that's what the teachings of the Mormon church are all about: bringing people to their Savior.

How I live my faith

My relationship with my Heavenly Father is at the core of my testimony. I am a daughter of a God and despite my shortcomings, my inability to learn a lesson the first time around and my chronic impatience, He loves me. He ADORES me, and nothing will ever change that. As I grow to understand His love for me, my understanding of His love for those around me also increases. EVERYONE I come in contact with is just as beloved as I am, has a spark of divinity within them, and deserves my love and respect. I try to bring that into my callings, both as a visiting teacher and as a choir director. As a choir director, I initially worried about the choir sounding as professional as possible, but as time went on, I realized the only thing that mattered was the spirit the music could bring. While I still focused on drilling parts and stressing dynamics, but I also take the time to share why I chose the song that I did, what the words mean to me. Right now, I'm actually living and breathing my faith like never before as I do my best to learn Russian and be the most effective missionary I can be when I head for Ukraine in August! Being at the Missionary Training Center is definitely exhausting, but there is something about being surrounded by so many who KNOW this gospel is true and want nothing more than to bring the things that make them happiest to others. Being so immersed in the teachings of Christ and feeling of their spirits makes it incredibly uplifting.

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

The church strongly opposes abortion. One of the amazing gifts our Heavenly Father has given us is the power of creation. We have been blessed with the ability to create bodies for His beloved children. Life is precious and we should not willfully wrench the chance to live from anyone, whether or not they are fully developed. Approxiamately 25 years ago, a teenage girl found herself pregant. She was nowhere near ready to be a mother, and knew that pregnancy would completely throw her life off track. But instead of "getting rid of the problem," she chose to give the baby a chance -- a chance to live, grow, and love life the way she did. After a difficult nine months, she gave the baby up for adoption to a couple who were ready to raise a child. It was one of the hardest things she ever had to do, but as a result, she learned a great deal and has received many, many blessings. I am so grateful that my birth-mother chose to see me as a human being, rather than a "problem." Show more Show less