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Hi I'm Breanna Hutchings

I am a missionary in the Nevada, Las Vegas Mission. I am a dancer, love food, and love to preach the gospel. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Maryland and lived there until I reached the age of 8 where my family moved across the United States to the sunny coasts of California. As I grew I was involved in a variety of activities from sports such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball, playing the flute, acting in plays, singing in the choir, being the high school mascot, being on the high school cheer squad, dancing on the school dance team and just being me. I went on to go to college and started out as a dance major. I had fallen in love with dance during my sophomore year in high school and knew that it was going to be a part of the rest of my life. However, upon my junior year in college I decided to use dance in a different way. I switched my major to therapeutic recreation and now want to work with young teenage girls with depression and substance abuse and use dance as their form of therapy. I'm ready to embark on this new adventure in my life and can't wait for the joys it will bring me.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because of the truth and light and the happiness it brings. I find that I am happier when I follow what I believe and when I read the scriptures and pray. I remember my sophomore year of college was tough. All of my friends were living in different areas and I was stuck in the freshmen dorms as an resident assistant (RA). I felt alone and that all my friends had left, and for some reason I wasn't making friends with the Freshmen that I had in my hall. That is when I really had to decide if going to church and living the gospel was what I really wanted. Going to church was tough for I knew no one, and I felt that no one was making an effort to get to know me. I remember thinking that I really don't have to go to church if I really don't want to. It really doesn't affect anyone, and my parents are not here to make me go. But there was something in my heart that stopped me in that instant. It was the thought of, "Why do you go to church Breanna?" It was a good question. It was the first time that I asked myself why I went to church, specifically the Mormon church. Was I going just because I had gone my whole life and it was a habit I had formed, or was it the fact that I really believed in the teachings of the church and wanted to be spiritually edified each week. I decided then and there that I went to church because I believed in it's teachings and it's truth. I believed that what this church taught was the truth and that I needed it in my life. I went to church because I knew this not because it was my parents that had made me go, or because it was fun. It was because I knew this church was true and what it taught was the truth of Christ and of the scriptures. Christ loved me and would always be there fore me, so therefore having friends did not matter. Friends did help, but I would always have the ultimate friend by my side.

How I live my faith

I have always been a part of my church and used my faith. At a young age my parents taught me the importance of God in my life and to put him at the forefront of everything. They taught me I should pray, that I should be active in my faith and to help others. I have taken this to heart and have tried to help others in whatever way possible. When I was a young teenager I was involved in the youth groups in which we helped each other and our community through any means possible. In high school I was involved in a lot of groups and I had plenty of chances to show people what I believed in. It was hard to stand up for what I believed in when so many people were living their lives so differently and pressuring me to do the same. Each year whenever someone would ask me about my beliefs I would tell them what I believed and why. A real turning point was during my senior year in high school during proposition 8 campaign in California. The church encouraged members in the area to support the proposition and do all we could. This would require going out on street corners even in the pouring rain and hold signs. Opposition would come and would yell at us telling us all these nasty vile things, however what we did was sing uplifting songs, and just pray that nothing bad would happen. At school I was asked questions all the time about why I supported proposition 8 and if I believed in loving everyone and Christ I wouldn't make people suffer. One time in my English class my teacher got up and started talking about how awful the church was. I raised my hand and said, "I'm a member of that church you're talking about and what your saying about our beliefs is inaccurate." The teacher asked me a series of questions attacking the church and I just stated what the church and what I believed. After class students came up to me and thanked me for standing up for what I believed in. I felt that I had done what was right, and expressed my faith and my beliefs.