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Hi I'm Drew

I'm a crazy, warmhearted, and musical fellow. I like to drive fast. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a typical LDS family in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. The fact that I am here today is what I consider to be a miracle. When I was born, I was hardly breathing due to a marble-like cyst in one of my lungs that prevented it from taking in oxygen. In order to prevent me from continuing to turn blue, for I was suffocating, the doctors operated on me at 24 hours old. It was a new surgery, but it was very successful and I breath with no complications 18 years later. Because I'm lucky to be alive, I treat each one of my days like a new adventure just waiting to start. I enjoy long hikes in the nearby Wasatch Mountains and I never pass up a chance to go skiing. I adore exploring new places and seeing what I can of the world. Long walks around town are my specialty. I'm a small-town boy, having gone to college in a little Utah town, and I plan on living in the open country when I get older. I love traveling, having visited 17 states and provinces of the United States and 3 countries. My soul finds peace in music. There is always a song stuck in my head and a tune playing in my heart. I play four instruments, including the piano, clarinet, organ, and recorder, and occasionally dabble in the art of singing. I'm a marching band geek, having done 3 years in high school. I love my family and friends. I wouldn't be anywhere without them. They add pieces to the puzzle of my life, making me who I am today.

Why I am a Mormon

Many of my friends would accuse me of being a Mormon because my parents are and because that's what I grew up with; however, this is not necessarily the case. While growing up in the Church has influenced my morals, standards, and behaviors, it has not set in stone my religion. I have always been determined to know for myself if the gospel is true, if God exists, and if Jesus Christ really was the Son of God. I refuse to let my testimony rest on those around me. For if they fall, I want to stand proudly, with my head held high. But the main reason that I am a Mormon is because it makes me happy. This isn't just a temporary happiness that can be found by eating the crunchiest bacon or the sweetest apple. It is an eternal happiness. One that continues through life and death. One that defies all grief and sadness. For there is something that makes being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that makes even the darkest hearts shine with a brightness akin to the sun. Perhaps it's the friends you make and the support you feel. Perhaps it's the knowledge that you are created for a great purpose, greater than you can comprehend. Perhaps it's the beauty of the songs we sing. Whatever it may be, I'm happy, ecstatic, overjoyed, thrilled, and honored to be a Mormon. I know that this church contains the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that there is a modern-day prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, who leads and guides us today and that we can find peace through his guidance. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it adds a fuller understanding and testimony of Christ when paired with the Bible. I love being a Mormon with all of my heart. I love kneeling and praying to my Heavenly Father every day. I love going to church and being uplifted. I love having high morals and standards. I just love it.

How I live my faith

In a short while, I will be leaving my home, friends, education, and family for two years to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Central America. Despite the fears I may have, financial struggles that might occur, or schooling that will be missed, I chose to serve my Lord by serving His people. There is nothing else I would rather do with 730 days of my life. Throughout my time as a member of the LDS church, I have served in many callings or assignments. As a youth, I was assigned to be part of many young men's organizations, including president in a few. I've also been assigned to organize the music for many church functions as well as play hymns of worship on the piano and organ. Recently I was assigned to be part of my student ward's Bishopric, the main leadership of the ward. I set up appointments for the Bishop and kept track of addresses and callings. I loved this calling because I was able to associate with all of the beautiful people in the ward and I made many, many friends. I wouldn't trade those days for anything. Perhaps the most simple way I live my faith, however, is by simply living my everyday life in a way that is in accordance with the teachings of the Church and with what the Lord would have me do. I believe that the best way to show someone how much you love something is by example; therefore, I show my friends and family how much I love the LDS faith by knowing it, living it, and loving it. It's just that easy.