What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Kyle Oleson

I'm serving a lds mission in houston texas, I was called english speaking and after my first transferr became a asl missionary!

About Me

If I could I would go back to when you had to support you and your family off what you could grow, hunt and fish and be able to be out in nature all the time. I love talking to people about my church and helping them knows that he does hear us and he does know each one of us. He is truly our father in haven that will do anything to help as along as we work towards it happening! My favorite thing about all our beliefs is that we can be with our family forever! Even after we die. That’s amazing to me why? I come from a family of 5 sisters and 4 brothers with a little brother that has died a few years back. Death has never been a sad thing to me because I know that it’s not a good bye. But instead see yall in a few years. Nothing in this world is more importing then family! my little brother Darrell Oleson was born Deaf along with millions of different problems from birth but though priesthood power and my family’s faith, fasting, daily prayers and just always doing the best we could to help him overcome the sickness and then trusting in Heavenly Father to do what we couldn't do our self’s. But even though he had all these huge hard trails of always being sick or being hurt at school but even though his life was hard for him the first 11 years of his life he has continued to set a wonderful example for me and my family! About a year ago he walked up to me and said Kyle god wants you to serve a mission Jesus needs you find our brothers and sisters! I’m now an ASL missionary

Why I am a Mormon

Because I have read the bible, and book of Mormon and have learned of its teaching and have seen people change as they read it to be exactly what is expected of all people to be like Christ to love each other, stop doing or using harmful drugs/drinks, love serving the people around them in all ways they can! And the biggest and by far the best putting others wants/needs before our own as Christ has done for us! I have the greatest love for my father in heaven and Christ because they have shown me how I should be to improve my life and others around me!

How I live my faith

I love doing community service and helping others! hard work does not scare me my parents have taught me to be hard working and to give 110% every time. i always try to help people in every way I can and know that for the work I do for people around that I get blessings from so I have gotten 4 jobs because I don’t like to stop till I have put a full day’s work in or I’m done with that project. matthew 25:40... by doing the things that the lord has asks of us we are truly serving our loving heavenly father.

What is a ward/stake/branch?

Kyle Oleson
a ward is a group of people in your area or neighborhood and they are assigned to a certain building to attend church in that district so that they may be involved in teaching and sevice, one to another within thier area that are lds or not lds . A stake is about the same it just larger and covers the whole area in order to serve and meet the needs of all. It takes in about 8 to 16 wards A branch is dependent on a ward. A branch would be few in numbers, for many different reasons...deaf branch Spanish or it could be a city with very few members.. The ward helps the branch in teaching, money wise and in many ways. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Kyle Oleson
While Morman's will always, run to help and do all they can for others. Mormons they will be more willing to help non-members of other faiths because no matter what faith you are you are human and as most religions in their beliefs always put others befoer your self to better others life. all souls are important in the eyes of the lord..WHEN YOU SERVE OTHERS YOU ARE ONLY IN THE SERVICE OF YOUR LORD AND Savior, the least of these my brotheren you have done it unto me. The second commandment is to love one anotheras he has loved us. The poem children do you love each other are you always kind and true do you always do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Show more Show less