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Hi I'm Zoey Nickel

I'm a smitten wife, and Mama to my sweet Zoella, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a 24 year old, happy wife, and Mother to the sweetest little toddler. I sleep too much, watch too much Netflix and forget that I had laundry in the wash too often. So in other words, just your typical mom who is really busy chasing her toddler around and giving her the sweetest raspberries on her little belly! When I am not chasing my toddler around, I am chasing the light. I am not a photographer whatsoever, yet I do love a good photo of my family. I love to document the little moments that I know we will enjoy looking back on a few years from now when my husband and I are old and wrinkly. I was raised as a Catholic by a single mother who taught us what really matters in life and helped my siblings and I find joy in life even when there are things we lack. I was never super active in the Catholic religion, but I did experience my First communion and my Confirmation. A few years into my teens, we met some Mormon missionaries who knocked on our door. We listened and a few short weeks later entered the waters of baptism as a family. Such a vivid memory and feelings that I will always cherish in my heart. Since then, I have learned who I really am, I know the role Jesus Christ plays in my life, I went on a Mormon Mission to San Diego-California. I married my best friend, and left my California living to the great Texas state. My life is not perfect now, but understanding Christ's Gospel fills my life with joy, peace, and hope!

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a Catholic. I lived a pretty happy life, but had no clue that this life offered more. I was ignorant to the fact that Jesus Christ's Gospel offered eternal happiness. Around 2008, I met some Mormon missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I feel bad for those moments that I stood behind the door, or looked out the window and did not bother to be courteous enough and open the door. Clueless to the message that they had to share with my Family and me. Little did I know, and so much that I have learned. I am grateful for those missionaries. They were persistent, loving, and selfless. They taught me a lot. Everything that was taught to me has blessed my life in countless ways, but most importantly, I have learned that I am a Daughter of God, and because I now understand that , I know my potential. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a way of life. I know that Families are the most important thing in Heavenly Fathers plan. I know that Families can be together forever. I am a Mormon, because through the power of the Holy Ghost, I came to find out and gain a testimony of my own that the message shared by those missionaries was true. I am a Mormon because, I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I have read it, pondered, and prayed about it. It's all true. I know it!

How I live my faith

I don't limit my friendships to just the Mormon community. I like to branch out, and that has helped me to find great friends. At times, this can be hard because not all my friends have the same standards that I do, and that's when I have to prove to myself who I really am, and who's daughter I am. I know I am a Daughter of God, and because He is my Father in Heaven my living style should be lived on a higher standard.I am not perfect, nor will I achieve that anytime soon. I too make mistakes just like everyone else, but I try my best, and I know that is all that matters. I have heartfelt conversations with My Father in Heaven through prayer. I know He is there and He listens to me. I read my scriptures, and increase my Knowledge of My Savior Jesus Christ. I try to do the small and simple things that invite the spirit in my life. I am not afraid to admit that I make mistakes because I am constantly reminded of the sacrifice that My Savior made for me. I know that through Him I can feel peace, and experience true happiness.