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Hi I'm Sophronia Makasini Magalei

ask up instead of around.

About Me

I am Tongan. Married the man of my dreams. We have a daughter that lights up our world every day. I grew up LDS. I was fed the teachings and it didn't do much for me until I sought these truths for myself. I completed an 18 month mission in the Colorado Denver North Mission. Those were the best months for my life. I learned to forget myself and sincerely love others no matter what walk of life they came from. That is Christ-like love. I am a Latter-Day Saint because I have come to the know the true happiness that lies within its teachings. It's an undeniable truth, once you find it for yourself.

Why I am a Mormon

the proper name is Latter-Day Saint. Something that I love so much is the priesthood authority my husband has to administer to me whenever I feel like I need to feel Heavenly Father's hand in my life for safety, guidance, comfort, or healing. This sacred priesthood power was missing after Christ's ministry, then restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know this power is real, and I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God through sincere prayer. I am LDS because there are too many blessings given to me, that testify that this is His gospel here on earth.

How I live my faith

I try my hardest to live my faith by my actions, I want others to be able to SEE my faith ... instead of hearing or reading it. We are to come unto Him as little children. they are "greatest in the kingdom of heaven".. I learned why that is by serving in the primary with children for 3 yrs back home. children can teach you sooo much you know? they are not ignorant, but always teachable. they may be stubborn sometimes but they're always the first ones to say sorry. We rear children a certain way because we love them. Same goes with Heavenly Father, He cant rear us if we dont humble ourselves before Him and learn what he's trying to teach us. so how do i live my faith? by trying to be child-like instead of childish... children are the best kind of people to be around. watch their innocence. they'll teach you a thing or two.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Sophronia Makasini Magalei
well ... in order to restore something ... its got to have been there in the first place. in this case, we mean the full and true gospel of Jesus Christ. Having the bible is legit..."We believe the bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly" ...but how would you feel if you needed to get home and your dad only told you half of the directions? Heavenly Father reveals his Love for EVERYONE through the book of mormon. without this book... we dont have that other half of directions that we need to get back home to our Heavenly Father. Show more Show less