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Hi I'm Becca

I am the youngest of 8 kids. I sing. I love to laugh. I am a missionary in RC California. I like BK fries, and I"m am a Mormon.

About Me

I love music! I have been singing since I was 3 years old. Singing is my passion. I am a college student and I am majoring in Music Education. I want to become a High School Choir Teacher. I have had my struggles, and I have had my high moments. But through everything I am thankful for the constant companionship of the holy ghost and also of my heavenly father and my brother Jesus Christ. I decided to serve a mission in February of 2013 and it was the hardest decision in my life. I struggled accepting the fact that I was supposed to serve a mission. The idea scared me, but I could not ignore the prompting of the spirit any longer and I finally put my papers in. Now here I am. I Love serving the lord and sharing his restored Gospel with the people of California. My testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ has grown a lot, and I have no doubt that this is His Church, again on the earth. I cant say that a mission is easy....cause it is not. But I can say that it is worth it. I would never be able to have these kinds of experiences anywhere else. I am very thankful for my LARGE and ETERNAL family! They mean everything to me! I Have 8 siblings and 20 nieces and nephews. My family is my support and my joy. Being the youngest I have learned a lot from my parents and from all my older siblings. I am thankful for their examples to me. Even though we might not always get a long (cause lets be honest we are still human) we love each other, and we share one important thing.... We are Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this church. I was baptized when I was eight. I always tried to do what my parents taught me growing up. I learned much from their example. But I never had my own testimony. As I grew older it got harder and harder to want to live the gospel because I didn't fully believe it myself. At age 16 I started to be "rebellious" so to say (if you can call staying out past curfew and drinking caffeine rebellious). I still went to church and all the activities, but I wasn't the "sweet little becca" that I had been growing up. I was rude. I was judgmental, and I started hanging out with people that were like that too. I confined myself to a "group" of friends, and I thought I was "too cool" for everyone else. and the worst of it all was....I wasn't happy. It took me a little while to actually figure out that I wasn't happy. But once I did, I didn't like it. I knew I needed to figure my life out. And I knew that to figure my life out I needed to know where I stood with God. I needed my own testimony. I went to my room and I began to read from the Book of Mormon. Each day I would spend just a few minutes reading, and after about a month I prayed. I prayed like I had never prayed before. Because this time it was different. It was the first time in my entire life that I had ever prayed with a real, true, sincere, desire to know something. As I prayed I felt very calm, and peaceful, and....happy? I felt happy! For the first time in who knows how long I felt truly happy! I realized that I was happy when I prayed, and happy when I ready the scriptures, happy when I went to church, happy when I was kind, happy when I served other....basically I was happy when I lived the life taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And that was my answer. From that day on I have always tried my best to live as Christ would. obviously I'm not perfect at it. I still make mistakes. But who doesn't? :)

How I live my faith

Right now I am living my faith by dedicating my life to my Father in Heaven. I am serving a Full-Time mission in Rancho Cucamonga California, and I live 24/7 for my savior. This is the best decision I could have ever made. Before my mission I served in my Singles ward as a ward chorister. It was a small calling....haha but I fulfilled it the best that I could by leading the music with a big smile, so that everyone would be able to enjoy the music we sang in church. I also always tried to be friends with everyone. If there was someone that was sitting by them self, or someone that I didn't know, I would try to meet them, and talk with them. I feel that that is what the savior would do. "Jesus said 'love everyone'" .....so I do. I have learned on my mission that everyone is a child of God, even if they don't act, or look like it. He loves us all the same. I live my faith by trying to love them all the same too.