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Hi I'm Janine

I'm a wife, mother by birth, adoption. and foster care. We love homeschooling. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My husband and I have three daughters and an adopted son. We have been ESH (Emergency Satellite Home) foster parents for 6+ years and have had 20+ children come through our home. Normally, children come to our home as their first step into the foster care system. Most leave our home to be reunited with their parents or relatives. One little boy came for what we expected to be two weeks and never left. We were blessed to adopt him and make him part of our forever family. In addition to providing foster care, homeschooling keeps me very busy. I spend a lot of time driving my kids around to various homeschool activities, enrichment classes, sporting events, speech therapy, music lessons, tutoring and so forth. I have a bumper sticker on my car that says, "I don't know why they call it homeschooling, I'm always in my car."

Why I am a Mormon

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not have faith in God. I attended church with my family on Sundays or with friends to their churches. It didn’t matter so much to my parents which church we attended as long as we went to church. We blessed the food at dinner time and my mother reminded us to “say our prayers” at bedtime. When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I became aware that Christ dying on the cross was somehow important to my relationship with God. I didn’t really understand how or why, but I had the simple faith of a child that Jesus was the Savior. However, this didn’t give me much peace or joy at the time. I have this distinct memory of coming to the horrifying realization that a really big number of people had already lived and died with absolutely no knowledge of Jesus Christ, let alone an opportunity to believe, be baptized or “be saved.” I was very troubled by this and had many other questions that were not answered by the different churches I attended. When I was 9 years old, I moved to Wyoming where I was first introduced to the peculiar people known as Mormons. I don’t have a memory of the first time I heard about “The plan of Salvation," "Restoration of the Gospel" or "Temple work for the dead." Interacting with so many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and attending church meetings and activities for social reasons, it just started to seep into my awareness. It was like a light going on in a dark room. Maybe God was different than I had been taught as a child and our place in God’s creation was not what I had feared. It answered my questions about what happens when you die and what happens to the people who die without knowing about Christ. For the first time, things made sense. Then, I read the Book of Mormon and prayed. No angels, but a beautiful feeling of rightness. When I was baptized, that feeling just got stronger.

How I live my faith

One of the most important ways I live my faith is by serving others. As foster parents, our family cares for and loves the children who come to our home and we love their families. We try to mentor the families and encourage them to make the very difficult changes necessary to regain custody of their children. Unfortunately, foster care usually only provides children and their families with two (2 hour) visits per week. If possible, we get pictures of the children's family's and put them up in the children's room. When allowed by social workers, we daily call, email, text and skype with the families to support the parent-child relationship. We supervise extra visits on holidays (when social workers aren't available) so that the child can participate in family events. While not all foster children get a happy reunification, we have eased the burden of their loss. We have also seen miracles in the lives of the families we serve. Best of all, we got our own little miracle with the adoption of our son. I find that I am happiest when I am serving others. Little acts of service, like visiting an elderly relative regularly or a friendly smile to a stranger, are the ways that I live my religion.

In whom should we have faith?

We should have faith in Jesus Christ. Not only should we believe that He is a real person that knows us and loves us, but that He can do what He said He can do. He can transform our lives. He can make us fit for the kingdom of God. Faith also helps us find peace no matter our circumstances. Show more Show less