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Hi I'm Alyssa

I love musical theater, and learning of other cultures, I worked Disneyland, and then attended college in Hawaii

About Me

Through Running Start I was able to graduate from high school and get my AA degree at the same time. So, I completed Disney College Program as the youngest participant at the time. After, I began to attend Brigham Young University in Laie, Hawaii. I had attended three semesters there, and have two left before I get my BA in Marketing. I have chosen to serve a mission before finishing my schooling though, as the first 19 year old sister missionary in my family. If you had asked me my senior year of high school what I was going to do, who I thought I'd be in two years...NOTHING I have done, or now plan to be would be in my reply. And I could never imagine who I'd become or that I would meet all of the beautiful, amazing, loving people I have. I have seen things in this world too beautiful to imagine. And I have seen such goodness in humanity. I couldn't always see it, even when it was right in front of me. I was promised by the Lord though, that as I sought beauty in the world, the ugliness of things would disappear. It is true. I am full of hope. And full of love, despite the fact that I used to think very differently. I will be serving in the Ogden, Utah mission. I could not be more thrilled. When I look back on my life, I know I have been prepared well. I know that there are experiences I have that can help others. And that the people I will serve, and companions I will have will teach me some of the most important lessons I can learn in my life. Aloha Ogden!

Why I am a Mormon

My story is too personal and long to share in limited words. Although born into the church, I had to come to my own conclusions. I came to a point where I had to make a choice. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a lifestyle. Our goal is continual forward progression. To be a little better every day. It was literally the hardest decision of my life to choose the LDS lifestyle. But, because of the cost, I became completely committed to it. And have been happy, guided, and comforted because of it. Certainly happier than I ever expected to be at the time I made the choice. My testimony started with one thing: I knew the Book of Mormon was special. So special it had to be true. As I have come to understand how the Holy Spirit works within me, I have realized that it was always the Spirit telling me of the truth of it. I followed that feeling. And it lead me to believe in, and understand more parts of the gospel. Just because we don't understand everything all at once, we don't have to abandon what we do know. Rather, we need to follow what we know, and commit to acting if we are given knowledge and more understanding will come. Much more recently than those who know me might think. I remember the day I had the witness and made the choice to follow Christ. To live this lifestyle. It was hard. But it has been more worth it than anything in my life because I have seen such amazing, spiritual things, and been so happy as a direct result of that choice. As hard as it was, I would do it again in a heartbeat now that I've seen what came after.

How I live my faith

I will soon be a missionary. I am not going on a "mission trip". I am going to serve as a missionary. I go because I know there are things I need to learn and things that I can teach others. At BYUH, the student body represents over 70 countries among 2500 students, and so the experience with people from all over is very concentrated. So many people showed me what it really means to love, and that by nature of being human we are all important, no matter our personality or circumstances or culture. I feel that it has given me a unique understanding of the gospel because of the amazing insights from those outside American culture. All positions in the LDS church are volunteer as opposed to paid. I watched my dad give up almost all of his time for five years so that he could help serve our congregation. As a councilor, and as a spiritual leader. He never spoke about things that were confided in him. I saw him develop more faith, knowledge, and love as he did this. He taught, as well as learned. He definitely became a better father because of his service. I hope, as a missionary, that change can happen for me too. I only have to leave my family for a year and a half. I've lasted nearly twenty years now, and I expect to last a few more, so it's really not that long. Taking off work and school for two years to serve and share something that has changed my life and made it so much seems like a worthy goal for a young adult.