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Hi I'm TJ Merrill

I'm From Ogden Utah (Farr West) I love dirt bikes and playin my drums and best of all, I am a Mormon :)

About Me

I grew up in a strong religious family. My parents have always emphasized putting the Lord first in everything that I do. Because of this I was able to learn a little about why I'm here on this Earth and how I can use my talents to help others. I really enjoy Dirt Bike riding. Growing up I use to go Dirt Biking with my brother and my dad quite often. I was also on a drumline from my 10th grade year to my 12th grade year. I have marched every drum plus a little. I have marched bass, cymbals, tenor, Snare (Snare was my favorite), and even sleigh bells and the cowbell. I have also been in 2 rock bands which I loved a lot more than drumline. I graduated Fremont High School then got my mission call to be a full time missionary in the Colorado Denver North Mission and that's where I'm at now and there is no other place I'd rather be. After my mission I'm planning on going to the ATC (Applied Tech college) and becoming an electrician.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a Mormon has really helped me in my life. Its taught me to be a better person and live a life that brings love and fun and humor. I'm not saying that other people that aren't Mormon can't live a great life but I know that my life has been great because of the things I have learned from being a Mormon. I Strongly do not believe in coincidences. I believe God has a time and place for everything. I remember a time when I went Dirt Biking with my friend named Braxton and my Uncle Don. We were riding on a dirt road and I was pretty far ahead of them. I heard someone coming up behind me and so I turned my head and saw my friend and my Uncle riding behind me. When I looked forward I was about ten feet from the ledge of this pretty big drop and some trees. I was going pretty fast but I said one of the quickest prayers of my life and barely missed flying off into the trees which would have easily broke some bones and maybe have injured me for life. Later that day my and my friend Braxton went to look at the edge that I almost flew off and the back tire marks were over the edge. I strongly believe God heard that quick prayer and answered it immediately. I know that story isn't extremely intense but Its one of the most recent stories I have where I knew that God was watching over me. I knew he was watching over me from the day I was born. I have had 3 open heart surgeries. The 1st one I had I was 2 months old in 1995. Back then these surgeries were really extreme and the survival rate wasn't good at all. The 2nd one I had I was 2 years old. Still not great odds of surviving. I have come to know that God has a purpose for me and everybody out there. I don't know my purpose yet but I know God has one for me because he has gotten me through all of this. Its my job to find out what my purpose is and I have been working on it for a long time. I Know that there is no coincidences in these stories. I know God loves me and all of his children. That's why I'm Mormon.

How I live my faith

I have grown up being taught that whenever I need help or guidance I can always ask God for help. So because my parents have helped me placed that foundation in my life things were a lot easier for me as far as helping me with things I struggle with. Throughout my life I have always started my day and ended my day with a prayer and I've always tried to read at least 1 verse from the Book of Mormon every single day and occasionally I'd challenge myself to share with someone who wasn't a member things I've learned from the Book of Mormon. It wasn't easily most the time but I learned that 1. I got better each time I tried and 2. I'm rackin up some serious brownie points. Its a lot easier to share things I have learned from my gospel studies as a Full time Missionary. If I don't do it then I got a serious problem. I just love sharing the things that brings me happiness with other people and I know my message is for everyone and can help everyone. Its just up to them to decide if they want to listen to and apply the things I teach them.