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Hi I'm Hanann

"I love my family. I'm a folk singer. I read too much. I'm a Mormon."

About Me

Here's my secret dream: to live on a boat and travel the world. No joke. If I could, I would dock at every harbor on every continent, eat the first thing I see (even if its pig feet stew), and wander the streets until I was so lost, Siri had to save me. While I'm still saving for that boat, I have been to England, Norway, Germany, Japan, China, and the most beautiful of all, France. I've eaten eel spines in Tokyo, soaked in Monet at the Louvre, tripped my way across the Great Wall, and helped orphans in the Philippines. But my greatest traveling adventure was my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to Quebec, Canada. I thought it was going to be a vacation. Boy, was I wrong. It was a year and a half of hardcore service that CHANGED me for the better. The best lesson I've learned on my travels is that God knows every single person on this beautiful big blue globe and He loves them, just as much as He loves me.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a Mormon rocks, that's why! As humans, I think we need reminders at least fifty times a day that someone loves us. When that cute boy doesn't call me back or I fail an assignment or I'm late to work again, I need a reminder that God doesn't see me for who I am, He sees me for who I am becoming. He sees my potential. It's like having a really great Dad who's 100% committed to cheering you on. Not to mention, He promises I can live with Him again if I work hard in this life to be kind to his other children, to be patient with my professors, to not envy the girl with the cute boy on her arm, and to keep in touch with Him. Oh, and God also promises me happiness in this life too. Wow! That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Every morning I wake up and talk to God. We have a nice chat, where I tell Him my plans for the day and He gives me encouragement or counsel. Then I go off and fumble my way through life, making TONS of mistakes, but always knowing He's there to guide me. If I didn't know He was there or that He had a purpose for me, I think I would crawl under the covers and pretend my college papers and boy issues no longer exist. Instead, He gives me the strength to fight through every hard thing that comes my way. Sundays are the best days of my week. No part-time job. No treking all over campus. Just me, church, and God. I go to church at 1:00 (pm) and don't get done until 3:00 (crazy, I know). But would you believe me that its the best part of my week? Here's a good analogy: church is like a hospital for normal people. You have a long, stress filled week (maybe your boss yelled at you or you have kids who are CRAZY). You need a hospital to patch you up and help you face another week. That's what church does. Only the doctors are your neighbors and the bandages are a warm, peaceful feeling sent straight from God.