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Hi I'm Kaitlin Snow

I'm a night owl who likes to doodle and rock climb. Spending time with family & getting to know others brings me joy. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I was blessed to be raised in a loving home with good parents and three brothers. I don't have a sister and so my friends have always had a special place in my heart. I make REALLY good sandwiches (the secret's in the cheese). It took me 2 months to name my dog Sherlock- but it was the perfect name for him. My little brother is now taller than me- and i have 2 adorable nieces. I like rock climbing and racquetball though i cannot claim talent with either. I was a film major at byu and minored in visual arts. I also really like math. I am a visual person and also very logical. Math makes sense. its always the same, whereas i get very confused with spelling and grammar rules. I gave up trying to understand that in elementary. I love good movies and am ok with ones with "sad" endings. To me they are comforting to know others are going through hard things too. Chick flick endings enrage me because i feel as thought the rules of the universe were bent to make the "happily ever after" ending happen. I do believe things will work out and one can be happy. But it is unrealistic to tell yourself there will be no heartache. but through rough times our character shines through and we can become a better and more refined person.

Why I am a Mormon

It's easy to not live Christ's restored gospel (what the world calls "mormonism") but it makes life hard and painful. It is hard to consistently live the gospel- but it makes life easy. I can find joy amid trail, i can find peace in suffering, knowledge in confusion. I have full access to the blessings our father in heaven offers to all! The truthfulness of the principles in the gospel were confirmed to me as a lived them, studied, pondered and prayed about them. I love searching the scriptures for understanding. We talk to the Lord through prayer and He answers us through his word (the scriptures). I know that they can help all who sincerely search. Christ commands us to "Ask and ye shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you." Matt 7:7 Keeping in mind that our prayers are always answered: not always the way we want or WHEN we want but the are answered. As a teenager i wanted to know for myself that it was true. I had relied on the testimonies of others i trusted. when i read the Book of Mormon I felt a peace and desire to help others and love others. I have never gotten that from any other book. I have prayed and heard God's reply in my head in full sentences. I have no doubt they were a foreign thought to my mind and their origin was from outside of me. As i went through hard times and relied on my Savior i got to know him better. I have always known this church is true, but I have had bigger and bigger experiences as my spirituality has grown in it.

How I live my faith

I matter to God and God matters to me. I am his daughter, and that fact determines what i do and don't do in my life. He made me and knows what will make me happy. Through keeping his commandments i have learned from experience his way brings true joy. When i am obedient to him I have peace of mind and receive great blessings, when i am disobedient, negative consequences naturally follow. God is not punishing us, it is the natural law of the universe for consequences to follow actions. In reality he tries to protect us by warning us of the spiritual danger that comes with certain choices. He is also realistic, he knows we will falter and so he has provided us with a savior. We are forgive and receive mercy ONLY under the conditions of repentance through Jesus Christ. I live my faith by turning to Christ. I am not perfect at it. A new challenge presents itself everyday. I have received divine help. God wants to help us keep his commandments and live a joyful successful life. I want to let others know that they can receive divine help as well. I am currently serving a 18 month voluntary full time mission for the church. It is a privilege to serve god's children in this way. I want all to feel of his love and care for them in their lives.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Kaitlin Snow
I am going on a mission because everyone should have the chance to hear about the gospel or "good news". I have not been presured into going and I am paying for it myself. It costs me $400 a month to go and I have to give up all my time. No hanging out or watching movies. Missionary work is taken very seriously. I'm excited to go to a different place and share with people my feelings about Christ. Show more Show less