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Hi I'm Lori

I grew up Jewish--born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA--lived in Chicago, USA for 20 years. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I recently graduated with a B.S. in Design Engineering Technology, which means I design items for manufacturing on a computer with special 3D software. I have a husband, 3 grown stepsons, 4 grandchildren, and 2 cats.

Why I am a Mormon

I asked a friend to go to church with her one day, mostly out of curiosity. I was astonished that everyone read from the scriptures and discussed their meaning. I couldn't believe that people had rules they lived by faithfully. The next Sunday I was taking a cruise, and in line to board the ship I was chatting with a woman from my flight. She saw my maiden name and exclaimed, "Oh, you're Jewish!" Out of nowhere, my mouth said, "No I'm not, I'm a Mormon." Those words were not mine but they were what my heart felt. I was shocked that the words came out and was scared of what Heavenly Father would think, but somehow I felt comforted. The following Sunday was my first fast and testimony meeting. I got up and tried to express my feelings after telling the story of the previous week's experience. The only words I could find were, "I'm home." It took me 6 months to be baptized, but it was worth the wait. The missionaries were willing to find answers to all of my questions, especially questions that they considered obvious (e.g. the Word of Wisdom, no sleeveless shirts, etc.). It has been 12 years since my first day at church, and I am such a better person for it. My relatives are respectful, sometimes curious, but mostly are accepting. Maybe it's because many Jews believe you can't become a Christian, but I know better. I know this is God's church, the true church of Christ on the earth. I bear my testimony that Heavenly Father knows what's best for us always.

How I live my faith

I love teaching the young children at church. I can talk to them because the gospel is fairly new to me and I approach my task as if I'm still new too.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

A family can be together forever, not just here on earth, but after death in the post-mortal life. Growing up I spent many hours with my grandparents, so I look forward to being able to see them again in the future even though they have left the earth. I also look forward to meeting my numerous ancestors and relatives that I never knew because I know they all have part of themselves in me. My Grandma Rifkind taught me to cook, to appreciate fine foods, and to be strong. My Grandma Solomon taught me to be comfortable and imaginative. Without their influence, I would not be who I am today. My Grandpa Rifkind let me play with his pipe cleaners, and my Grandpa Solomon taught me bridge and took me to see a courthouse trial. The family is central to Heavenly Father's plan because without parents we cannot be born. Even though sometimes parents make mistakes, I have learned that through Christ and my ability to forgive, I can be at peace with my upbringing. Show more Show less

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

This is a tricky question, and not one that my answer may fully explain. When women enter the LDS temple for the first time (different than the weekly church building), we are given garments of the Holy Priesthood to wear the rest of our lives. These garments symbolize our commitment to follow the Lord's commandments. It is possible that in heaven women will have the ability to exercise the priesthood the way men do on earth, but I personally believe that women don't have the priesthood on earth because we don't need the organization as such to know what to do with our families, children, spouses, etc. Also, Heavenly Father created woman last, as his highest creation, and Eve was created to be a helpmeet for Adam. If Eve hadn't shown Adam how to follow the Lord's commandment of multiplying, we would not be here today. It is not so much that women are lesser than men, but rather have different ways of thinking and doing. We see things differently, which is why Heavenly Father has assigned us each different genders and different tasks. Show more Show less