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Hi I'm Jonathan

I have an amazing wife, adorably crazy daughter, I am all about my little family and I am a Mormon

About Me

I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah. I served a mission in Tijuana Mexico, yes it was very crazy down there at times. I met my wife through Facebook. She was living in Ensenada while I was serving there, we both met mutual friends and when I got back from my mission we were introduced on that "wonderful" website, (Facebook is usually a relationship killer but it fortunately worked the other way for us.) She moved to California shortly before our meeting each other, and after three months of long distance dating we were engaged. Two months later I moved to California and three weeks later we were married. It was the best decision I ever made. 18 months ago we were blessed with a little girl, who will have things her way, very stubbern like that. (She gets it from her mom) I work as a correctional officer, and have been doing so for about two years.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church, but after seeing many of my friends and family leave the church I began to question the validity of the things that I had been taught in my life. I spent much work, meditation and prayer to see what I should in my life. I couldn't devote my life to something that I didn't know is true and what our Heavenly Father wants of us.

How I live my faith

Ever since I started in my carrer, it has been a challenge and test to live up to the values that I have promised God that I would follow. Working odd hours, lotes of sundays along with many health issues that have come up in these past few years make good spiritual habits and routines hard to get into. It is more of a struggle for me to make it church every sunday with work. It is often hard to keep a happy/spiritual feeling in the atmosphere that I am constantly in. There are plenty of things in my job and outside that I have seen in my life that would make it hard to believe that we have a Heavenly Father, who loves us like a father. I say that it 'would be,' except that long ago I learned of his love, and I have developed a faith that all of this is bigger than we can see. I trust my Heavenly Father, my dad. Although I cannot serve him and my brothers and sisters in all the way that I dream about, I will in the ways that he has provided for me. I can do it in the little things that happen every day. I can do it in how I treat everyone that I come into contact with. Most importantly, I can serve him by taking care of the little family that he has given me. By being a good husband and father. I am not perfect in these things, but He did not send me here to be perfect. Just to be who I am, and to do the jobs he has given me the best way that I can.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

There is a prisoner in the correctional facility that I work in. He believes that the government is corrupt, rejects any authority that it has and wishes to over throw it through terrorist activites. He was arrested for threatening government officials. One day, an officer did something that he did not like. He promply gave the officer a ticket, fining him $1000. Needless to say, the ticket went unpaid. Why did the ticket go unpaid? Because the prisoner had no authoraty other than his own word that it should be. If a police officer gives you a ticket, it needs to be paid because the police officer has the authority of the government to give that ticket. If a random person pulled you over and gave you a speeding ticket, you would not pay it because does not have the authority to give that ticket any meaning. This earthly example applies in a spiritual sence as well. In order to do the things, like baptism, that God has commanded us to do, we need someone who has been given the proper authority to do so in order for it to be recognisable in the eyes of God. Telling someone to drive more safely may be a good thing, and is something everyone has the right to do, but it does not give everybody the right to issue fines when those infractions are committed. Likewise, God must give someone the permission (or authority) to do some things in order for them to be valid. Show more Show less