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Hi I'm Tom

I build buildings. I have a wife, five children and twenty-one grandchildren I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm Tom I grew up in a modest household. My father was an ironworker in construction and my fondest dream was to follow in his footsteps. I became a civil engineer and have spent my career building communities and in the management of the construction of large buildings. I am thrilled to observe my projects now that I have retired and see people enjoying places and structures in whose creation I participated. Memories of my work in foreign lands are a blessing which keeps on giving as I remember my experiences in many parts of the world. My opportunities for church service throughout my life at home and in foreign lands has taught me much regarding the wonderful blessings which the gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer us all no matter what our background or worldly status. I have been blessed to work with wonderful people most of whom like me have struggled with the hard lessons of life. However, I have observed that through the application of true principles taught by those with authority to do so, happiness and fulfillment have followed those who persevere in applying divine principles. My wife and I are blessed with five children and twenty-one grand children. I look back on a life well lived and forward to more of the same both here and in the hereafter with my friends and loved ones.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to Mormon converts. My father was raised a Catholic and my mother a Lutheran. With the zeal of converts they taught me the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by both work and deed. As I grew up in a humble branch of our Church far from the strength of its intermountain center I observed many other converts such as my parents with lifes struggles, victories and defeats. We new each other well and this closeness enable us to share the tough times as well as the sweetness. As I was taught in this atmosphere I believed from and early age and never seriously doubted as i grew to maturity. During my teenage years I read the Book of Mormon through for the first time. Although I had read and heard parts of it preached throughout my life to that point, it fascinated me and I discovered a startling thing. I found as the weeks of my reading passed that my adolescent thoughts became cleaner and more in tune with more appropriate holy things. Since as I have read the book many times in my life have discovered the same result. The book is clearly scripture to me just as is the Holy Bible. Continuing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as I have done for my first seventy--five years of life has been anything but a burden to me. I have found that the doctrines taught by this church even though they may demand sacrifices of time, talent and worldly goods from time to time have been rewarding beyond any sacrifice asked. I love it's principles. They resonate with me as being true and from God. Those in the church with whom I gather and work sometimes stumble as do I but never let me down when I need encouragement and help. Where else would I find true disciples of Christ? Where else would I find a clear path to salvation through Jesus Christ? Where else would I be taught that I am entitled to the spirit of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion to battle the negatives of life?

How I live my faith

I live my life by faith in a Father in Heaven who listens to my pleadings offered in the name of my savior and redeemer Jesus Christ who intercedes for me with his and my eternal Father. These pleadings are answered in various ways and at various times through the influence and even sometimes with the real still soft voice of the Holy Ghost. I have no doubt that they are real and wish me only happiness and joy as I tarry in this life away from them unconnected except through my prayers and the response of the Holy Spirit. I have no doubt that they live and they are real in my life. In our organized church I hold the Priesthood of God. As such I am called to participate in teaching, leading organizations and in performing fulfilling acts such as developing the history of my family lines which trace back to Norway, Ireland and Scotland. I have been touched by feelings of kinship to those who have gone before me as I study their lives including when and where they were born, where they lived and when they died. A closeness to them comes quickly as I study of the generations of these hardworking farmers and tradesmen from the north countries of the old world who left their families and loved ones to come to the equally uninviting rigors of my native Minnesota. These people are real to me. As I have gathered information about their lives I look forward to looking into their faces at a future time in the hereafter when we will be together again. I have learned much as a young missionary in the north of England where I found great people from backgrounds similar to mine who responded to the message of hope which I brought with my companions. We found much success in bringing these people to a knowledge of God and his teaching which they had not previously heard. Their positive response was thrilling to us young men. Living my religion as a Mormon has along with my family been the joy of my life.