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Hi I'm Brent Nordgren

I am currently a publishing professional with an MBA and have enjoyed a life-time of starting and managing businesses.

About Me

After I got married, my wife and I started a business and were making enough money that I decided not to finish the undergraduate degree I had started. Instead, I wanted to be independent and have the freedom to do what I wanted every day. After starting and running a number of small businesses for almost twenty years, my father passed away at the age of 79. He had been a university professor and had always encouraged me to finish my degree so that I had a backup in case our business ventures didn't work out. It is true that our businesses weren't always booming. In fact, I often compare the experience of starting and running businesses to riding a roller coaster, with thrilling ups, heart-pounding downs, and several unexpected turns that would often leave one breathless and longing for the ride to stop in order to stand on solid ground for a while. After he passed away, I was given the privilege of writing his obituary. As I read through his journals, I learned how his education made him the person he became, so I decided to return to school, not as a backup but to improve the quality of my life. I finished my undergraduate degree and went on to finish a master's of business administration (MBA). It not only increased the quality of my life but also changed how I think, how I work through problems, and how I make decisions. I feel more educated and better prepared for the many challenges of life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon family but have not always believed in its teachings. My belief has grown through a lot of questioning, reading, thinking, and praying over several years. It is a rare person who can find and believe in what is true in a single moment or without investing some time and effort. I believe many people rely too much on what his or her family believes without investigating for themselves. The tricky thing about seeking truth is that you have to be ready, willing, and able to commit yourself to whatever you find. I've known many people, including myself, that were quick to abandon their entire search for truth and happiness because of small obstacles or unfounded hearsay. Such a person may not be ready to walk the straight path. It took me a long time to get serious about finding out for myself what is true and how to secure happiness. When I was a young missionary, I wasn't yet sure about such things. After considerable time questioning, searching, pondering, listening, reading, and praying; I began to see how everything fits so well together. I discovered how plain and simple God has made the truth. Once I found how we can gain this happiness that God wants us to have, I desperately wanted to share this knowledge with anyone and everyone. It may be difficult to imagine how hurt and saddened I became when I learned how few people were ready to listen. From then until now, I have gained greater knowledge by finishing three degrees as an adult. This increased knowledge has only further enriched the truths I have sought for throughout my life. More unanswered questions have been answered and, as I practice my religion, I continue to find greater happiness. Is life perfect? Not mine. But at least I have the road map leading me to peace of mind and an increased faith in Christ, in God, and in an eternal life complete with happiness. I am a Mormon because of the light I have gained through my life-long pursuit of truth and happiness.

How I live my faith

I currently work with the Sunday school. This gives me the opportunity to work with teachers, students, and other members. A new approach to teaching the youth was introduced recently and it has had an amazing impact on how well and how much the youth are learning and growing. One of the ideas being implemented is for teachers to invite and encourage the youth to participate in all the discussions by letting them share their own insights. The students are even asked to teach their fellow students from time to time. When I was taking MBA courses a few years ago, this was one of the methods used to teach and train MBA students; supposedly this same approach is used by top schools in multiple fields. It is exciting to watch the youth discuss and share their ideas and experiences. They acquire a lot from each other, which broadens their understanding and they learn how to better cope with and appreciate the world around them. Over the years, I have had many opportunities to serve. When I was younger I served as a missionary in Scotland for two years. Since then I have served in some a number of leadership roles. One assignment I was asked to do a few years ago, was to train and teach all the leaders within a large geographical area. That was a bit intimidating but I enjoyed it immensely. During that same period, I was in charge of organizing numerous social activities for several hundreds of people. With all the things I have been involved with, what I have enjoyed the most is serving others. Even just visiting people in their homes and talking can be very rewarding. I have made several life-long friends through serving and being served. I think that is what Jesus wants. If we are to be like Jesus we need to do what he would do, and what I think he would do is serve others.