What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Elliot S

I'm Elliot I live in England. I became a Mormon when I was 7.

About Me

Hey, I'm an only child and an avid gamer and I enjoy photography (though I am REALLY not an expert on it). I play guitar and I really like the Beatles, I have a youtube channel that I use often. I play basketball time to time (though again I'm not great at it) and am into films and I'm a big fan of Star Trek The Next Generation. Being a Mormon is really important to me as I've had some really challenging times in my teens and I feel like after feeling what I have felt in the Church it's the only way to live.

Why I am a Mormon

When I first heard about the church I was about 7, my dad, who is no longer active heard about it first. I really felt the spirit when the missionaries, our teachers and other members came to teach us and I was really struck by the the love this church has for everyone and the complete over-arching joy that the spirit gives to me. But I must say I really was converted when I was 12 and my family was going through some hard times. I knew I could have left the church, I almost did, I felt so full of anger and hate, but then, I'm not really sure when, I knew that to heal I had to return to the arms of my heavenly father. I pondered much on the scriptures and prayed a lot and I knew that was what I had to do. I have never looked back since, I cannot stress enough that I love this church and it blesses me and others so greatly. Even though we are not well known, I know that I am proud to say 'I am a Mormon'.

How I live my faith

My faith is really important to me, I love the wonderful community we have in our church. I have some many friends at church and it is amazing to be loved so much and inspiring to see how people care about me in my church. I feel that praying to heavenly father gives me so much peace in the challenging times that always come and the scriptures show me the true, literal, word and truth of God. Its so great to have a firm gospel in the Book of Mormon and the Bible and I love having the standards that set me apart from other people I know. My friends at school ask me "how can you live with so many rules?" I answer that they dont feel like rules to me, Rules are supposed to be some fence that is put around you that stop you from being happy, but the standards in my church feel exactly the opposite, they give me and my family so much joy and really they dont restrict my freedom, they stop me from being trapped in the many sins there are today. I also am involved in the seminary program, which is a class that I take at 6:30-7:30 AM every week day, where we study the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Its so wonderful and so worth it. I feel that my faith has shown me so much about forgiveness, love and caring that has been so useful in my school. I know that heavenly father and the holy spirit work through me to bless my friends and family. I really love this gospel not just because I know it is true but because it blesses me and others, I would recommend it to anyone.

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

Elliot S
Our prophet is Thomas S Monson he is a man with the authority for god to be at the head of the church, heavenly father (God) can give him advice on any member in the world if he needed to. Show more Show less

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

Elliot S
The word of wisdom, or the teachings that come from it are spoken a lot when it comes to the Church. The founder of this Church Joseph Smith had a revelation (a time where Heavenly Father talks to you, most of the time through the Spirit putting words or feelings in to your mind, but sometimes directly or through a representative) from Heavenly Father that we as Mormons should not have or partake of: . Tobacco . Alcohol . Coffee and tea . Drugs God gave this to us as a commandment and as such we take it very seriously, we tend to as much as we can not have these products in or home and not to touch it, again as much as we can. On the subject of why this commandment was given (as I am often asked) here are my reasons : One can see the potential health benefits from living such a life, Heavenly Father gave this as a commandment as a commandment of obedience, sometimes heavenly father gives us commandments so we can learn to obey him, if we cannot obey him in one commandment how could we obey him when there are massive challenges in our life and he wants to show us to the way out of the tunnel, one that springs to mind for me is the commandment not to covet. Now as you probably know this is one of the ten commandments of Moses and I believe this is one of those 'obedience commandments' surely you can think of reasons why not coveting would be beneficial but just by doing it are you hurting anybody? Is everyone else doing it?and so it is with the Word of wisdom Show more Show less