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Hi I'm Jane Delve

Baby maker, bread creator, canvas painter and I am a Mormon!

About Me

I am a busy full time Mother of three little children, which is very hard at times since it doesn't come with a manual!! I'm having to learn on the job - poor kids!! Despite my regular abysmal failures, my children still seem to think I'm doing an OK job!!! I absolutely love being a Mum and I feel it such a joy and honour to be taking care of these three little souls who are my greatest friends (along with my husband, siblings, parents and in-laws - of course, can't leave anyone out!!). My youngest is now at playgroup which gives me a little extra time. I am painting commissioned paintings for a guy who literally came knocking on my door (having heard on the grapevine that I am an artist), and that has been a real blessing to bring some extra, much needed money into our home. I am also helping out for a morning up at our local playgroup and have also become a volunteer for Homestart, a charity that helps struggling parents. Being able to finally have time to let my creative juices truly flow, and also being able to get out into the community has been a great honour and bought a real richness into my life. In a nutshell these are the things I love: Baking bread, reading, sewing, creating anything, play piano, play with the kids, my husband, studying the gospel, teaching, music, the beach, cakes, lying in on Saturday morning, the Forest of Dean, family reunions, laughing so much I have to have a puff on my ventolin!!!!

Why I am a Mormon

The church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints permeates every single bit of me. It IS me. My middle son was born very, very poorly with a genetic kidney disease, neither his lungs or kidneys worked adequately to sustain life. We sat with anguish beside our baby fighting for life and were not given any hope that he would survive. I sat beside my Dad in hospital, with the same illness and we watched him die. What helped me though all this? I knew that Christ was in control and all was well. Despite the tears and the anguish, I knew that it was as it should be. Dad's mission on earth was at an end, we could let him go, and look forward to when we can be reunited with him again. As we sat in agony beside the incubator, watching our baby struggle. I literally felt a warm blanket of peace and comfort wrapped around me throughout. I knew he was my son and would always be my son. If he was not to live then I could hand him back to Heavenly Father if that was what was required. All was well. A miracle happened, and his kidneys and lungs suddenly started working (doctors could not figure out how), and we are allowed to rear him with us. What joy and a blessing. I love the way the gospel gives me such hope, such peace and joy, despite what is going on around me. As long as I am doing all that I can, I am not expected to be perfect, Christ makes up for the rest. I love the way it makes me feel, a softness and tenderness inside of me. What a gift.

How I live my faith

Throughout my life in the Mormon faith I have served in many assignments, that we believe have come from God called callings: Presidents of Primary (the children's organisation), Young Women's (the teenage girls organisation) and Relief Society (the women's organisation 18+). I served as a full time missionary in South of London for 18 months, and I have loved all of them and learnt and grown from every calling. This year I had a call extended to me that scared me more than all of them put together. I was assigned to teach Sunday School to the adults. Having a brain that doesn't retain much, I was totally overwhelmed and full of self doubts. What would I have to offer them, who all would know so much more than me? I have now been teaching for a few months, and EVERY day I thank my Heavenly Father that he saw my potential. I have learnt so much, and have grown and changed inside, as I daily study the doctrines and principles of the gospel. I am so honoured to teach that class and it has been a gift to me. Each Monday night our family gathers together, switch off the phone, and that is our time. We sing, we discuss things relevant to our family, worries, concerns, successes, we laugh together. We also have a little lesson that teaches about a gospel principle such as prayer, kindness, baptism etc. We finish with a treat made by who evers turn it is! It's much loved and valued by us all, and Monday night becomes a sacred night, and nothing else can conflict with Home Evening.