What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Matt

I was born in Utah. I live in Utah. I'll probably die in Utah. But that's not why I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a thirty-something father of four with an angel wife and an idyllic home. I spend my free time washing dishes, working as a structural engineer, serving in the church and above all, hanging out with my family. My kids are still young, so "family time" amounts to Chutes and Ladders or keep-away with a soccer ball, and though it's all pretty-much kid stuff at this point, I can already tell that being a husband and a dad is the best thing I can do with me life. There's no greater satisfaction than seeing my children grow up to be kind and good. There's no greater joy than sitting with my wife on our porch bench as we watch our children play together in the yard.

Why I am a Mormon

There are certain things that I've found to be undeniably true - things that feel right, deep down inside of me. First is that God is real and that He loves me. Second is that Jesus has prepared a way for me to overcome my shortcomings. And third, for me, the greatest witness of these first two points is the love and joy I've found in my family. I've always believed in God. I've always felt His influence and love as I pray sincerely or turn to Him during challenges. Now that I'm a father, that conviction has found still deeper roots. Family life has given me a glimpse of what God must feel for His children and with that perspective, I've realized that in fact the purpose of life really is families (just as I've been taught all along): to live in families, and love in families, to come to the Savior as a family, and ultimately, to return to Heavenly Father as a family. For me, this perspective has established a personal connection to God. I realize now that He's not only been leading me to His presence, but to His "way of life," for lack of a grander expression - not only been helping me to reach my potential but showing me that my greatest potential is achieved as a father and husband - a creator and builder like Himself, though admittedly on a more limited scale. The teachings of the Church have put life into a context that not only makes sense in my head, but also feels right in my heart and has given real meaning to my life.

How I live my faith

My role in the local congregation is mostly clerical. In fact, that's my official calling: "ward clerk." This mostly consists of keeping track of records and information for the local church leadership as they try to implement the Church organization in our area. Probably more important than what I do in the church is what I do out of the church. Although I live in Utah, many of my neighbors are not Mormons. It's important to me that they feel welcome and comfortable in our neighborhood despite being outside the LDS Church. I feel very strongly that true Christians reach across cultural or religious boundaries in an effort to help all people feel of Christ's love and influence. I'm not quite as neighborly as I want to be yet, but I do believe this kind of attitude is what makes neighborhoods communities rather than just a scattering of houses on a street. I think it's what Jesus wants His followers to do.