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Hi I'm Laurie Denning

I am a mother of five who went back to college after my youngest entered school. I love to read and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to bake. I enjoy watching cooking shows on TV and trying out new recipes. I also love to learn. Attending college again has been very rewarding. I am working on a degree in English. Reading books and writing papers is fun for me. Most of my favorite authors are American, but I also appreciate the English Victorian Era. The thing that brings me the most satisfaction in life is my family. I love hanging out with my husband and five kids. Most of our kids don't live at home any more, but when we get together we enjoy great food and games. Ping pong is one of our favorite games and we also enjoy Bocce. My husband is great about getting us all to do brackets before a sporting event or challenging us all to take an online quiz. Skyping helps us all stay close even though we are all spread out over several states.

Why I am a Mormon

I had a really close friend ask me once if I really believed the story about Joseph Smith and the gold plates. She was a women of faith and active in another religious tradition. She just couldn't see how I could believe that fundamental part of the Mormon faith. Because we were good friends, I could be honest with her. I was able to tell her that yes, I believe the Joseph Smith story! I believe that he had a vision and the fruits of that vision produced my favorite all-time book--The Book of Mormon. I told her its difficult to understand until you have read the book. Once you have read The Book of Mormon you can pray and find out for yourself. I read the Book of Mormon for the first time in junior high. I was given extra time to read in class and pulled out my Book of Mormon. I was almost done and anxious to finish. I had been praying to know if the book was true. I will never forget the feeling that came over me as I read those concluding pages. It was like a cloud of love and peace descended on me. I felt so happy and good. In fact, I remember looking around the room to see if anyone else was feeling the same thing - it was so powerful! Since that time I have receive witness after witness that the Book is from God. God is real. He answers my prayers.Throughout all the ups and downs of my life, prayer and the Book of Mormon have helped me through. I am a Mormon because I know that God lives, loves me and restored his true gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith.

How I live my faith

To me, being a disciple of Jesus Christ means following the example He set for me. In my life I try to find ways to follow his teachings and example. Jesus went about doing good. I try to do the same. Each day I look for opportunities to do good. Usually it is just small things I do for family for friends. But, I also tackle larger projects whenever I can. I recently participated in a project to provide kits for a battered women's shelter. A couple years ago I spear-headed a project to provide foot wear for needy children. My group of 12 and 13-year-old-girls created over 3,000 pairs of decorated flip flops for impoverished children all over the word. As a follower of Jesus it is important for me to pray. Jesus prayed a lot. As a routine, I pray morning and night. I also pray as the need arises. Prayer works. Prayer changes things. I have seen it time and time again. Jesus was not judgmental. He loved everyone, even the publicans and sinners. I follow Him by respecting people of all religious traditions and backgrounds. I don't judge their lifestyle choices. Being a follower of Jesus really boils down to one thing--love. Jesus loved us so much he was willing to suffer and die for us. He even loved the people who rejected Him. In the process of being crucified, He asked the Father to forgive his crucifiers. Jesus Christ set the ultimate example of charity. I am most like Him when I am full of love.