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Hi I'm Christopher Hughes

Hi, I grew up in Mossley but now live in Ashton. I love spending time with my family.

About Me

I have been married now for eight years and have three wonderful children. I worked as a joiner in the building trade since I was 15 until about 16 months ago, this was due to suffering badly with excema on my hands and feet which made work very hard. I was very lucky to find alternative employment with two of my brothers who run their own business. The new job was so different to the building trade, I was now in an office, no work boots or hi visibility vest needed. I remember once being at work and looked outside and saw it raining really hard and I thought to myself how great it was that I was to be inside clean and dry, I felt so greatfull to have a job, and not have to face the elements anymore. One funny experience I have had since working in an office happened last year, I took milk in to have cereal in the mornings, wrote my name on the milk as was the common practice. Every time I went to use my milk it was nearly all gone, I asked who had been using it but, as expected all denied it, it continue to happen, so, I put salt in my milk to see who was using it, a few hours later, "urrrgh, who has put salt in the sugar", to which most of the office laughed, I now knew who the office thief was. Everyone then respected my milk and knew to ask and not just take, petty but funny.

Why I am a Mormon

i was raised a mormon, i had a fantastic mother who led by example, i always loved going to church as i was growing up. when i was 15 i was asked by one of my leaders to go away and prat to god to know if the things i had been taught and was doing were true, i did this, i prayed to god and recieved an answer to my prayer, the result of that prayer was a desire to do good, i prepared to leave home at the age of 19 to share my beliefs with others and extend the same challenge i was given to come to know the truth about god and his plan for us, and then come to know that it is true for themselves. now i have a family of my own i love sharing with them the truthes of the gospel of jesus christ, i feel that living the values that are taught at church and in the home brings us closer together as a family.

How I live my faith

i love attending my local church, there i feel welcome, i worship with my family. i love to sing, although i am not so good at singing it feels great when everyone joins in together regardless of ability. one thing i love about the way things are organized is everyone is a vaulenteer, i was asked to work with the males in the church between the ages of 12-18, along with other leaders we arrange activities for the one night every week, and a lesson every sunday, i love working with them it helps me stay young at heart. the great thing about teaching these young men is you can see how the teaching of jesus christ help them in there day to day lives, they bring with them the challenges in their lives and we talk about how we can overcome them, it is a privilige to be with them.