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Hi I'm Robert

I'm a husband, Father, Grandpa, Son, A guitar player, Frustrated Motorcycle Rider, a chef and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I get around 6.30 am and after my morning study I work on new projects focusing on the future. Then I have a gentle work out before getting stuck into my day. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has bought yet another blessing to me in the form of Linda. We were married in Sept 16. Just when you think life is hard or difficult... you can receive these amazing blessings. I am the luckiest boy alive to have found an amazing lady to share my life with. This year has been "interesting"... I had a stroke in February and I could not move my right arm or leg. We all take good health for granted... until it is not there. But my finger started moving on my right hand - so we were away!. Then with a lot of prayers, effort and determination I managed to walk (limp actually) out of the hospital about 3 weeks Later. Much physio and exercising later I am doing ok and I can see on the horizon when I will be able to play the piano... (which is amazing as I could not play it before the stroke!) My guitar playing is slowly coming back - poor Linda on the practicing! I so love to cook (it's the Italian in me!) and slowly I can begin to do it again. I really love to entertain or play my guitar preferable with my Granddaughter Alice singing she has such a beautiful voice. Sadly my motorbike is laid up until I'm stronger.

Why I am a Mormon

I "found" the church when I was going through a 35 year old mid life crises. There just had to be more to life than the daily grind of the work life "treadmill". So I started reading up about psychology and I prided myself on logic. A while later I was talking about it with a friend and he challenged me to read the Book of Mormon. I refused and he said, in so many words "Logic dictates you cannot discount anything until after you have researched it." I read the book trying to disprove it. Then I found Moroni's challenge in Moroni 10; 3-5 (page 529). The book had it's own proof system, I applied the challenge and I got my very own personal witness... That the Book of Mormon is true, it is all that it claims to be and subsequently that Jesus is the Christ, and He will be the author of our salvation, if we allow Him to be.

How I live my faith

I try to use my belief in every interaction with every person I meet every day. That means treating people how you would like to be treated. When I first joined the church 26 years ago I realised I was not the person I ought to be and there was a lot to change, there still is but I am making progress! Phoning my 93 year old Italian Mum daily is fun - she is so funny and great company and it is a simple joy of living the Gospel In September (2017) I was rushed into hospital with suspected acute appendicitis… It was not cute at all! It was supposed to be keyhole surgery but they found a mass that needed removing. They removed it all. Five hours and 32 staples down my stomach later I was still with us and slowly recovering. They say that things come in threes… I am rather hoping that my third item might be an ingrown toe-nail or something mild. The amazing thing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is it gives you the reason for everything. Where we came from. Why we are here and why hard and difficult things happen to us. Finally where we are going when this life is over. With this perspective the diagnosis of cancer was not frightening at all. Hopefully it is sorted as I am so loving being with my amazingly lovely wife - but if not sad as I would be to go it will just be the beginning of an exciting new journey until we meet up again later! My "calling" is Ward Mission Leader. the LDS saying is true...¨God comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable¨. I had so much fun teaching the children music and the Gospel ! Then working with our lovely Bishop. Having the opportunity to start all over again you can learn a new skill set. I get really excited about teaching the greatest secret in the whole world... This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and He lives and loves you and me and wants us to learn about Him and for us to live His laws and find the true peace and happiness it brings.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

The Gospel brings you such peace, tranquility and happiness. It is not a Sunday religion, that is just the day you swat up and then go out into the world to practice what you learned. The Sacrament gives us the opportunity to reflect on our performance during the last week and to renew our baptismal covenants again be washed clean again and start all over fresh and new for the next week. The life style is fantastically simple and simply fantastic. There can be a whirlwind of commotion going on and having "The Rock" to keep you steady brings happiness, peace and hope to you. The world would have you believe it is about things that can be bought. It is not, it is about inner peace brought and bought though Jesus Christ. If your life is sad, missing something, in turmoil, sorrow or empty... you would do well to find out more Show more Show less