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Hi I'm Shaun Grant

Im an Uncle, Brother, Son and friend. I'm young, learning, willing and able. And I am a mormon

About Me

I'm the youngest of a family of 11 and a uncle to 26. I love my family and they mean the world to me. in high school I studied science and i intend to study in future as well. I have a few very good friends who I would give me life for. My best friend Jarryd lives next door to me and we've been mates since we were 4 years old. Hes a champion and a great example to me. I love to write, stories and studies. So long as I can express my thoughts I feel it was time well spent. I also love looking at the small details in things, to study things to a minute level. Its for that reason I studied science in high school. Im a bit of a social failure, Im awkward and terrified of any situation of holding a conversation. And I can never think of what to say. For a year and a half I worked in sales, which helped me open my mouth a little bit more. Despite my social awkwardness I have devloped a love for public speaking and having the chance to express the thoughts I write. I also love to teach, allowing others to learn and have their minds opened up to something they might not have seen before.

Why I am a Mormon

Having grown up in the church does not mean i simply accepted it. i didn't want to be a "Mormon" i didn't want to be a number. but i know now that I'm not a number, i know that my heavenly father sees me for who i am and cares about me. over the time i studied and came to learn more i came to understand its not about being a number, its about feeling his love. and about being saved through Christ. i love the lord for his sacrifice and i love this gospel because it has saved my life. at a point when i was at my lowest i can testify that i felt his love, when i couldn't feel anything else. People often tell me that religion and science don't mix, but I don't believe that, the truthfulness of gods glory is all the more evident when you study science. It shows all the more how perfect his creation is. The more I study the more i feel his love, and i feel his divinity. im not just a Mormon, im a child of god. And I know he loves me

How I live my faith

I am currently serving as a missionary in Sydney Australia, I started on April 25th and I am loving every second of it. i know of how amazing this gospel is and i get to share it with people everyday. the more I talk about the greater my faith becomes. I grew up in the church but i didn't really have a strong belief of it until i was 17. since i have gained a testimony I feel it has allowed me to grow as a person. From the shy kid who never really had any friends, wouldn't speak and was terrified of any interaction, to coming out for 2 years to speak to anyone and everyone about the truth, and offering service to anyone and everyone. Faith is belief in action, you can talk about something till your blue in the face and never get anything done. But the way we draw close to the Lord is to act on what we know, and that action can be a blessing in someones life. I remember after one act of service, my friend and I were told that we were angels sent from heaven I hold strong to the fact that service is the best way to show love. If anyone feels upset or burdened then the best way to help them to feel better is serve them. Cut the grass, wash the car, any small or minor service will always make them feel better and show that you care. I also know that giving service is the best way to let yourself feel better. One of the best ways to get out of the depression, is to stop thinking of yourself and "Lose yourself in the service of others"