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Hi I'm Tom

I love athletic competition. I leave on a mission to El Salvador in a week. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Tom. I was born into an LDS family and have grown up with it all my life. I am 19 and leave to serve a mission to El Salvador where I will share what I know and believe with others. In high school, my focus was always athletics. Varsity football, basketball, and lacrosse took up a lot of my time but I wouldn't have traded them for anything. I had a flawless GPA throughout all of high school and got a scholarship to BYU-Provo. Being at BYU was one of the greatest times of my life. I met some seriously amazing people, learned a lot about how to study effectively and be on my own, and I learned the importance of relying on God. I love playing the piano and singing along, both popular and church songs. My grandpa started a service organization called "Charity Anywhere" and I have gone with him and my family to Mexico where I've built homes, restored orphanages, and repaired roofs for some seriously poor families and areas. I've come to know that God loves and looks out for all of his children, all over the world, no matter their circumstances.

Why I am a Mormon

This world is too tempting and enticing, too ridiculing and demeaning, to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints without a firm testimony of it. I have seen my friends, who have grown up with me all my life, give in peer pressure and self doubt, ending up in place they never wanted to or dreamed they'd ever be. If I didn't KNOW, through the power of prayer, revelation, and the spirit, that God is real and that he loves me, if I didn't KNOW that the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God, translated and brought forth by the prophet Joseph Smith, if I didn't KNOW that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and that he atoned and payed for all of my sins, sorrows, pains, and weaknesses that I may become perfect, if I didn't KNOW these things to be true, I wouldn't still be here, would I? The world, like I said, is too tempting to me to live a lie. If I was faking it, I'd have left a long time ago. I wouldn't sacrifice 2 years of my life, soon to be waking up at 630am to walk and talk about Christ all day, everyday, if I didn't know that there is peace and happiness that I need to share with others. I love God and my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I pray that as many people are searching for peace and happiness may find it through them.

How I live my faith

Growing up a member of the LDS church has made me stick out to many of my friends. Being so involved with athletics, its hard not to cave to the peer pressure that often is associated with being "a football player." Refusing to drink or swear or whatever was something I told myself I was going to do regardless of the consequences. I let my friends know that that was the way I lived from the beginning, and that was enough for my friends to accept who I was and not hassle me about it. It was amazing to see their consideration for my beliefs when they would apologize for swearing around me or change the date of something from a Sunday, knowing I would choose to go to church instead. I guess I've just never felt that compromising what I felt was right in order to be accepted was worth it at all. In fact, I feel like I was accepted and appreciated more as a friend because I had direction and stuck to my convictions no matter what. Seeing that I was determined to live the way I did because I loved God and because I felt it was right, regardless of whether or not they walked in the same direction, earned me some degree of respect.