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Hi I'm David

I grew up in Southern California. I'm studying Architecture. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 24 years old. I have 4 sisters and 5 brothers. I'm the eighth child. I love to play games and sports with my family. I love watching, quoting and impersonating actors in movies, but I don't watch rated R movies. I don't like foul language. I played water polo in high school. I went to college for a year and then took a two year break to go to Uruguay. I learned to speak Spanish and I invited people to learn more about Jesus Christ. I'm very active. I love the outdoors. I love eating food. I don't drink alcohol or smoke. I like to draw with a computer.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know that everyday I'm blessed and guided by the Holy Ghost. Recently, I needed to buy a car. I didn't have very much money, so I was looking through Craigslist, which is kind of sketchy, beware of scams. Like the ones that sound to good to be true! Anyway, I checked out a few cars for sale, but they weren't in very good shape. Then, on a Friday, our teacher let us out of class early. So, I started looking through Craigslist and there was a new posting for a cheap truck and I had a good feeling about it. I got a ride to take a look at it and I felt really good, so I bought it. I've had the truck for a while now and only time can tell if it was a good buy or not. I'll keep you posted :) A few months have gone by now and I have had some problems with the truck. I had a bad timing chain that destroyed the timing guides and worked it's way into the timing cover and into the water pump. It cost me about $400 to repair it. I found a mechanic that was willing to come fix my truck, so I was blessed to learn more about fixing engines. Now, my truck is running great and I have started a Truck Taxi business for the community. I know that I was comforted by the Holy Ghost and that I was guided to get that good deal on the truck. I'm Mormon because the promptings of the Holy Ghost have blessed and guided me immensely.

How I live my faith

I go to the singles ward every Sunday. Yep, a ward for people who are single and not married. I'm responsible for making sure that we have teachers that are prepared to teach their classes and if they can't make it then I am responsible for filling in. Once a month, I go home teaching, which is when someone in my ward and I visit with a few people that we are assigned to visit. We prepare a spiritual message, see how things are going and reassure them that if they need anything to contact us and we will help them out. So far, I have gotten calls from people asking me to give them a blessing or help out with a service project. On the first Sunday of the month, I fast for 2 meals and I give the money that I save by not eating, to the church to help people in our ward who need it or to others in the community. Also, money that I earn, I give 10% as tithing to the church to help with the building of more churches or temples. I don't smoke at all. I don't drink alcohol, black tea, or coffee, nor do drugs because I believe that they are harmful to my body. I try to read the scriptures every night. I pray to bless my food and I strive to pray every morning and night.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Nope, we don't worship Joseph Smith. He is just another prophet, kind of like Moses in the Old Testament. He is important though, because he restored the church of Jesus Christ. I remember learning in high school that history repeats itself. Which is evident with the many wars that have happened throughout world history. Now, I say this because the Old Testament teaches us a pattern that occurs with God's people and prophets. For a while people follow the prophet of God and are blessed. Unfortunately, after being blessed and attaining many riches, they begin to become selfish and think of only their riches and they forget about God. They fall into wickedness and ignore the prophet of God. Sometimes, they even kill off the prophets. God, then takes away his prophet for a time and doesn't call a new prophet. He does this so that the people will humble themselves and be willing to follow the prophet again. When there isn't a prophet on the earth we call it an apostasy, or a falling away of the church. It is like a time of darkness, like the dark ages! Then, God calls a prophet to restore his church. So, Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet, kind of like how Moses was called to be a prophet. Show more Show less