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Hi I'm Jacob

I grew up in the Las Vegas Area. I just received my call as a missionary to the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As I'm still a high school student, I have a pretty typical routine of schoolwork that needs to be done. Nevertheless, I love to play. I enjoy performing with two auditioned choirs at my high school, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and finishing four years of Cross Country Running. On my free-time, I enjoy drawing, writing, composing, reading, flying flight simulator (I'm an aviator by heart), running on my own, fencing, and spending time talking with friends both near and far. I was recently accepted to BYU Provo and Idaho, but I'm deferring both until after my mission which begins in July.

Why I am a Mormon

During my sophomore year of high school in the Las Vegas area, I slowly began to realize the importance of gaining and maintaining your faith against the buffetings of the world. I had many challenging high school courses, but the one that challenged me the most intellectually was my World History class. The goal of the class was to get you to see the events and records of our world in an unbiased light, basing your analysis of events on facts and evidence. Though this is an important factor in understanding past events, many of our discussions came to contradict many things that I had before-hand held as absolute truths (including many questions about my own faith). For a time, many of the events I uncovered and the things I read left doubt in me about the truth of the Mormon faith. Was it really truth? Why did so many doctrines and teachings seem to clash? It was slowly over time that I came to realize that faith of any kind seems to not match what history tells us. FAITH CANNOT BE PROVEN NOR DIS-PROVEN. And after much soul searching, I realized that truth can only be recognized through the witness of the Spirit, and the feeling of peace that comes with understanding your faith. It has, and will always be that way. And after spending many hours in study and prayer, and experiencing many things that are too personal to mention here, I know that there is a Supreme Father in the heavens, who knows and loves each of his children. That his son did Atone for all our infirmities, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed restored again to the earth in its fullness. This is his church. I know it. I've felt it. And, to use the words of the Prophet Joseph Smith, "I [cannot] deny it."

How I live my faith

We are taught in the New Testament that faith without works is dead; and to me, that means living the commandments of our God to our fullest. As a member of multiple wards that I've belonged to in my lifetime, I've served many positions in my local priesthood groups, which enabled me to help look after the sick or afflicted, overseeing the general welfare of the members in my area, and participating actively in ordinances pivotal to our weekly Sunday meeting as saints. But being a Christian means that we live the example that Jesus Christ gave us to follow every day, every minute of our lives. Participating in your community through service and other events has been an important part of my life as far back as I can remember. I have worked countless hours as an Eagle Scout, NHS member, and with other smaller youth organizations that are a benefit to the American community. And it is possible that I will be taking up a position in the ranks of our armed forces after my mission for my church, and after earning my four-year degree in college. My duty has always been to serving my God and country in whatever capacity I have. I also enjoy extended amounts of study of the Bible and Book of Mormon in seminary, in preparation to attend our temple and serve as a missionary, and on my own to further solidify my testimony of Christ's work and the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. Through my study and diligence in following the example of the Savior, I have come to know him personally.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

The Bible is CENTRAL to our understanding of the time before, during, and following Christ's coming. It is a first hand witness to the life and teachings of the Savior himself, and it is one of the many filters Latter-Day Saints use to help them understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in both the Bible, and the other components of Mormon canonical scripture. Such evidence of our Lord's ministry cannot simply be ignored! Despite the fact that the Bible has been altered and translated over many generations of Christians with very different languages and interpretations of the doctrine found in that text, we can NEVER underestimate its value in teaching us true and correct principles, and teaching us of events and truths that so often we tend to deem inferior or unnecessary. This is not just merely an excellent example of early Christian literature, this is the word of God that was handed down through thousands of years to us, the people of the present time. PEOPLE DIED TO GIVE US THIS BOOK! Honorable men such as John Wycliffe, Johann Gutenberg, Martin Luther, William Tyndall, and thousands of others gave their lives so that the common man might read and interpret the word of God for themselves! If the Bible was worth giving a person's life over, then it is a voice from the dust that must be heeded, must be pondered, and must be understood. And there is no day and age that the Bible is more applicable than our day. Show more Show less