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Hi I'm Rebekah

I'm a proud Army brat, the oldest sister, and a friend. I'm imperfectly perfect, but most importantly, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm just a girl in my early twenties. I enjoy good food, good music, and great friends. I like to crank up my music and have a private sing-a-long/dance party in my car as I drive to and from work everyday. I am moody and emotional at times. I love to cook, bake, and clean. I love Pinterest and enjoy Pinning ideas/crafts/meals/treats to my many boards. I love kids, and spend my days as a Nanny. All I have ever wanted to be was a mom when I grow up. Which I am still doing, growing-up that is. I love Literature and Religion, but I strongly dislike Mathematics and Science. Unless, it's science dealing with our bodies, and with pregnancy and birth. I have been blessed to grow up with a mom who let us be part our the birth experience. I have witnessed the beautiful miracle of birth, and have seen how our loving Heavenly Father carefully designed our bodies as women to develop and bring his children into this life. I am stubborn and opinionated, but I won't try to debate against something when I know that I do not have enough of a background and understanding of the issue to back up my opinion. However, I still have an opinion. I try to live life to the fullest, and have no regrets, what I've done shapes who I've become. It's important to remember that everything happens for a reason and has a purpose, learn from your mistakes instead of contemplating on the past. I like to take life one day at a time: trying not to jump forward and only looking back for guidance. I am me.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I Mormon? I was born into the LDS faith, yes. But I dont want everyone thinking that is the reason why I am Mormon. It has been a long and hard path. One that I still am, and will be until my mortal life is over, traveling. Like all children, I attended church with my mom and dad. Every sunday I would go, becuase you are young, and that's what you are supposed to do. Later, as I grew and began to make more of my own decisions I began to question the church. It was different and sometimes hard. I had so many questions, and I was a rebelious teenager. I began to hang out with some kids from school. I felt that they were so welcoming, fun, and exciting. The more time I spent with these kids, the more I strayed from my Mormon roots. Through the years I made many poor decisions. Not ones that had any legal effect, but ones that had great emotional and spiritual effect. It's a sad cycle actually. We would do those things because we thought they made us happy, but in reality they made us feel awful, and so we continued...because it made us feel better about feeling awful. See the cycle? I learned a lot of hard lessons as a teenager, and an even younger adult. Eventually I was at my lowest, I had lost hope, faith, and joy in life. I felt as though I had nothing left. So I went back to my roots. I went back to church. This was, and is, the best decision I have ever made. I realized I was worth something. I was a loved Daughter of God. That I had a divine purpose. I had never felt so whole. I have never been happier. We may all be imperfect, but we are trying. We are all children of our Heavenly Father. He knows us personally and loves us. He wants us to be happy. He wants ME to be happy, and through his restored Gospel I have found this joy. This peace and happiness. That is why I am a Mormon. Because it brings me hope. It brings me joy. It makes me whole. It makes me happy.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith by doing my best every day. I strive to be like Christ, and to follow the church's guidelines as well as God's commandments. I attend my church meetings on Sunday, being sure to let this day of worship and rest to recharge and rejuvinate my mind, body, and spirit for the upcoming week. When I have some down-time in the afternoon, I like to take it as an opportunity for personal and spiritual study and growth. Prayer is important to me. It is a source for communication with my Heavenly Father. It is a way to give thanks, and to ask for peace and guidance. Scripture study is just as important. It's my way to strengthen my faith, and for God to guide me and teach me. I am trying to be a better example of a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I want to be able to be less reserved when it comes to my faith. I want everyone to see the peace and happiness than the fullness of the Gospel of Christ can bring to each of our lives.