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Hi I'm Neal

I'm from California. I love math, science, music, light, and life. Learning is my passion. Being Mormon is my strength.

About Me

I have 18 nieces and nephews. 5 siblings. 4 years of high school. 2 years to serve as a missionary in El Salvador & Belize. I love physics, logic, computer programming, mathematics, piano, choir, music, music, music, and so much more music. I work hard to accomplish goals, but I also recognize the importance of relaxing and enjoying life. Science and the way the world works fascinates me. I have yet to spell more then 20 words without the help of autocorrect, but the ability to select and combine those words to write clearly and concisely is an art I wish to master. All individuals have stories and knowledge that can enlighten my perspective on life, and I love making friends to grow closer to people and improve myself. After I finish my mission I will go to college at BYU provo, and will continue to grow in understanding, maturity, and the pleasures of life there.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon. I was born one, but that is not why I have stayed one. I am too logically minded for that to be a substantial reason to stay one for me. I have stayed a member of the Mormon church because it is true. I have had so many experiences that have blessed me in my life and made it clear to me that this is the true church, and the only one with the full gospel. I have had various experiences in my life where I was saved or healed from potentially traumatic experiences. As a child, I was hospitalized with an infection I received from chicken pox that was growing in my neck, and cutting off my breathing. I didn't know it as much at the time, but I see today how much the faith of my family and friends helped to bless me with a clean surgery and rapid healing process. Later, as a youth, I had a potentially fatal experience when I did a backflip off of a diving board. I did not go far enough out into the water, and when I was coming down, I hit the diving board with my top front two teeth and broke them off. I know I was being watched over that day, because if I were even a few centimeters closer to the diving board I would have hit my chin instead and snapped my neck. There are many smaller, and even many more stronger spiritual experiences I have had. From the time I was little, I had learned about the Holy Ghost, and how he can direct us in our lives. However, it was with growth and continual practice that I have gotten better at recognizing his presence. There are experiences I have during which I have felt the spirit so strongly that it has testified to me the truth of this gospel. The warmth and joy inside that I feel is one that is so unique that it is unmistakeable. The great thing about the church is how much I continue to learn by being a member, and strengthening my faith. I am a Mormon because the church is true, and I want to help it grow, and give others the opportunity to bless their lives with the gospel as it has blessed mine.

How I live my faith

I have been a participating member of the church from birth. I have been active in a youth group that has helped strengthen me spiritually and given me many opportunities and experiences for service both in the church and in the community. As a youth, I have had great fun in going on various outdoor campouts with other boys and leaders, and am so grateful I have grown up with church friends that are my age. I made a "Not Just For Mormons Club" at my high school with some of my church friends, which gave us the opportunity to help share what our religion is all about and allow people to ask us questions in a friendly environment. I have talked with some of my inquisitive non-mormon friends about my faith, and enjoy clarifying to them what we believe.

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

Having grown up with many non-mormon friends who love their morning coffee or daily tea, I am not unfamiliar with this question. People assume it must be a terrible life style to not have these drinks, or to be discouraged from anything similar. I find this slightly ironic, because although I have never had coffee or tea or alcohol because of my religion, I would not drink any of these things today even if there were no religious guidelines about it. I have seen how much these things can take over peoples lives, not even necessarily because they are addictive, but simply because the culture surrounding them is such that they become a daily habit. I figure I can save quite a bit of money from not having to buy these things and quite a bit of time not preparing and drinking them. It is defiantly a subject on which I can say I am standing on the side of the fence with the greener grass. In general, everything the Word of Wisdom teaches is just the best and easiest way to stay healthy. I am physically fit because of the laws which it provides. Your body is something you have to live with literally every day. It is something that cannot be replaced, only repaired. The only thing that you can do with your body is maintain it with upmost care, and fix the habits you have to get to the point of health that is best for you. I know the church's view on health and diet has kept me in shape, and given me a lifestyle that I can easily maintain and be happy with. Show more Show less