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Hi I'm Greyson

I've been called to Spokane Washington until my visa comes. I want to join the Marines and be a Force Recon Sniper. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I graduated high school in 2011 and went on to college from there. After 3 semesters, I decided it was my time to serve the Lord. I put in my papers to serve a full-time mission. When I opened my call and saw a passport application, I knew I was going to a foreign land. The thought was pretty intimidating. As I read my call out loud to my family and read Manaus, Brazil, my previous suspicions were confirmed. My roommate had also served a mission and he was in Brazil as well. When I saw Manaus, I thought I would be going to the same place he did. After looking at the map however, I figured out that he was in the mission right next to me. But as I continued reading my call and doing research into that area, I knew I was going to the place I should be. My visa has not arrived and I was reassigned to Spokane Washington. As I continue going through my time as a missionary, I have truly come to realize how much this gospel means to me and how much it can help other people.

Why I am a Mormon

I first felt tthat this church was true at a program called especially for youth, or EFY. A thing that is talked about a lot in this church is being sealed, a way for families to be together forever. So a few years before I had gone to this EFY, I had lost my grandfather. He was my best friend and I truly loved him. When he died, I felt like I had lost a piece of myself and things started to look pretty dark. So while I was at this EFY, I didn’t feel like I was having the experience that I should be. But so every Thursday they have a testimony meeting where kids can stand up in front of the group of kids there and say what they believe. I wasn’t planning on getting up, and I sat in the back to try to just stay out of the way and put my back up against the wall. This one kid went up to the front, and everyone could tell that he was mentally challenged. He had trouble stringing words together, but he went up to the front anyways. When he got up there and started talking about how he knew the church was true, I could tell that he had the faith. I knew that he knew. And I wanted to know for myself. So I did what Joseph Smith did. I prayed for knowledge. And I received my answer. Even though I was at the back of the room with my back against the wall, I felt there was someone behind me. I felt hands on my shoulders. And I heard a voice say that everything was going to be okay. I was loved. A way would be found. That voice was the voice of my grandfather. I heard his voice and I know I did. In that moment I got my answer and it was undeniable. I knew that this church was good. I knew it was right.

How I live my faith

As I have gone throughout my life trying to better myself, the church has helped me a ton. While I was at college and also when i came home before my mission I was called to be a Sunday school teacher. Our church lasts for three hours, and i was assigned to teach during the second hour lessons out of a manual. I thought this calling was interesting because all during high school I had never studied, the work was too easy for me. And since I had never studied, I didn't know how to. But when I was called as a teacher I had to learn quickly otherwise I would look like a fool getting up and teaching about something I hadn't studied. But as I am about to leave for my mission, I have been released from this calling, and now I will live my faith to the fullest. I will be leaving what I know for 2 years and spending every day of it preaching His gospel to everyone I meet. It will be a great experience and to those who may be considering going on a mission, a highly advise you to do it. It will bless you in so many ways. I know it has blessed me, and I haven't even left yet.

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

While I was on my high school baseball team, many of my teammates would chew tobacco, smoke, and drink during the weekends. I was the odd man out because I didn't do anything like that. And as we progressed through the high school years as a team, I began to see the effects of their choices. I saw the choices they made under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I saw the problems that were caused to their health by tobacco and smoking. And I also saw what happened to those who didn't drink or smoke. We were able to run longer and work harder than the others. That is why we have the Word of Wisdom. If we follow it, we are blessed with greater health. And I saw that happen and I know the good that comes from following the Word of Wisdom. Show more Show less