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Hi I'm Danielle Jardine

I love everything outdoors, staying active, and photography, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I feel so blessed to come from a wonderful family where I am the youngest of just two kids. As I have grown up my family has moved around a lot, which has given me the great opportunity to experience different people and places and has given me a great love for culture and tradition. I love finding the beauty in everyday things. I am a huge nature lover and would almost always rather be outside- unless it's freezing! Right now I live in Utah which gives me plenty of great opportunities to go hiking, biking, skiing, and a number of other activities. I love photography and design-focusing on fashion design. I love travelling, and being with my family. And I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Church so I was blessed to learn about the gospel from a young age. But I am still a mormon today, not because my family believes what they teach, but because I have come to believe it on my own. As I have lived my life striving to do the things the Gospel teaches, I have felt the spirit overwhelm my soul, grant me peace, heal my sadness, and pour out blessings I never could have imagined. Even if nothing else has changed in my life- if my situation, my challenges, my conditions are the same- when I am living the principles of the gospel I find a richness to life that cannot be clearly explained, but it's felt. There is peace, and hope, and light that makes everything else seem better, easier, happier, and less of a struggle. I have also made mistakes and had periods of my life where I wasn't as quick to follow the teachings of the Gospel and I have noticed a stark contrast in the way that I have felt about myself and others. Without the gospel, hope and joy and peace are diminished, and my ability to love others and be true to myself have weakened. I have felt depressed and empty and alone as I have turned away from God's teachings. I am a Mormon because I have seen firsthand the joy and light that can come to our lives through the Gospel and I want to feel that all the time in my life. I want to have everlasting happiness and peace and hope, and I know that it is only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ that it can be found and felt. It is real. It is tangible. It can affect every aspect of our lives if we just let it in. If we just choose to accept the Savior's love and live in obedience to His commandments, He will bless us beyond anything we could have hoped for or imagined. I know this is true, because I have seen it in my own life, and I know that it is the same for you too. You are Heavenly Father's child. He knows you, He loves you. And He wants us all to be with Him again. And I promise that if you do what He asks, you will feel it too.

How I live my faith

right now I am serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am currently at a missionary training center in Utah and from there I will leave to serve in L'viv Ukraine for 16 months. I study the scriptures everyday and look for ways that they can apply to me in my own life and help others that I know. As a pert of preparing to teach the gospel in Ukraine I am learning to speak Ukrainian. Sometimes this can be a little daunting and I feel discouraged by my weaknesses and imperfections. But I know that my Heavenly Father knows my needs and my concerns, and He is looking out for me. I know that He is aware of my needs and gives me challenges and trials to make me stronger and help me to develop more faith in Him. I know that as I serve Him by keeping His commandments and making covenants, and as I remember Him in all that I do, He will bless me. I know that He sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for my sins so that as I try my best, my mistakes and weaknesses can be forgiven and overcome through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement. I try to remember the life of the Savior everyday and the things that He did and the kind of person that He was. I know that when I try my best to act like Jesus would, I come to recognize and feel His love for me more in my life and see the ways He he blesses my life. I know that He blesses us everyday, we just have to look for His blessings and recognize them.