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Hi I'm Mike

My friends say I work too much, but I disagree. I love music and bicycles. I'm super quirky. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small Idaho town, but have since struck it out on my own and have lived from Northwestern Washington to South Carolina (with a few stops in between). I am an operations manager for a large internet company. I love business and all the possibilities it opens for me to bless others' lives; from the impact I can have on those I lead everyday to the business innovations I make that ultimately benefit customers. Outside of work I love living life. I am passionate about music, both playing and listening to the many creative and astoundingly talented musicians who give our lives a little more color and depth. I love bicycles and try to ride as much as I have time for, but am not into racing. I love building and restoring bicycles more than riding though, it just feels right to get my hands greasy. I also enjoy playing sports until I drop from exhaustion; exploring the great outdoors by whatever methods I can; cooking very normal food while trying to make it exciting; taking photos of the beautiful, everyday scenes that tend to get ignored; discovering amazing and creative movies that don't have big box office budgets; and finding ways to make normal life into a never-ending adventure. I look forward to the day when I can start my own family and the joys that can come from marriage and children. I love my life now, but know something better is waiting for me. It likely will not make my life easier, but I believe the most worthwhile things don't come cheap.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up a member of the Church and was raised by wonderful parents who took real time and made consistent effort to teach me the doctrines of the Church and to help me live its values. It all came naturally to me; living the teachings of the Church was never very difficult for me. I had always been taught I couldn't live off my parents' testimony forever, so, as teenager, I decided to read the Book for Mormon and to pray if it is true. I felt that is was true and decided to begin preparing to serve a mission. However, shortly after receiving my call I began to seriously question the Church and it's truthfulness. I always loved the Church, its teachings, and the wonderful things it did for others, but I began to doubt whether it was truly the Lord's Church restored to the earth. There I stood with a mission call in one hand--my commitment to serve the church and to teach a message I didn't truly believe. And in the other hand I held my doubts--I felt that it was a good church full of good men and women, but did not believe that it was the Lord's church. I could commit or walk away, but couldn't do both. It couldn't be a social club or a lifestyle. It was either true or it wasn't. I could not go preach this message to others and ask them not only to believe me, but change their lives in difficult and often dramatic ways, unless I was all in. I did not feel that I was being honest to myself if I served a mission with these doubts, and I did not want to stay in the church if my doubts were valid. But I had one source for truth: the Lord Himself. I did not know if the church was true, but I did know, without a doubt, that He loves me and answers my prayers. I approached the Lord over the course of weeks desiring to know His will and His truth; and I received a clear and direct answer that it was true. I know now, even more deeply, that this is the Lord's restored church, that it has the fullness of His Gospel, and that he deeply loves me and each of His children.

How I live my faith

The most important part of my life is my personal relationship with my Father in Heaven. I am incredibly thankful that I can pray to Him, and I can feel His love as I do so. I know he answers my prayers and cares deeply about my concerns. I constantly seek to know how He would have me live my life by acting on the answers I receive by prayer, by studying the scriptures, and by listening the words of His modern day prophets and apostles. I strive to serve Him by serving His children. I have had wonderful opportunities to serve others in the church throughout my life. All members are asked to help in our individual congregations in various ways. I have had the opportunity to serve in a wide variety of ways, from serving as a missionary to teaching classes to organizing activities that promote unity and love among each other. Possibly the hardest place to live my faith is at work. I led a large team in a very fast paced and stressful environment. It is hard to give people the time they deserve and to treat them with the kindness and respect they deserve. But at the end of each day I strive to review how I can be better, not just a better business leader, but to lead more like the Lord expects me to. It is the little things like that which matter most. It is very important that we follow the Lord in "the big things"--avoiding drugs, being abstinent before marriage, keeping the Sabbath day holy, etc.--those are the actions that protect us individually. But it is in taking care those who are struggling, in being kind to everyone regardless of how they treat me, and in helping everyone I meet feel the Lord's love by the love I offer them that I find real happiness. There are few things more fulfilling than being able to stand by someone struggling to change their life and helping them along that challenging path. But I really cannot offer real help to them unless I'm living my life according to the Lord's standards.