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Hi I'm Charles

I'm a disabled adult. I've had to fight through many tough times, and finally found peace through Jesus Christ.

About Me

I've been diagnosed with severe Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, and Attention Deficit Disorder. I am also a gamer, and play both role-playing games and computer games. I have long wanted to join the field of computer game design, and am actually a natural at computer programming, but am unable to work or even go to college due to my disabilities. Of course, there's another catch, too. If you met me, you probably wouldn't have been able to see any signs of problems. This fact makes it even harder for me, because only trained professionals seem to be able to recognize the difficulties I face. Despite all of this, and after many long years of hard work, I have been able to finally find peace and joy in every day life. For the first time in my life, I can look at something and see beauty in nature or art. For the first time, I get to smile on a regular basis.

Why I am a Mormon

Being born a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints doesn't mean you'll automatically stick with it. You need to be willing to give it a try, and live the gospel. As you do, I can promise that you'll find peace. This is not an overnight change for most, and is instead a process, but if you are willing to stay with it, things will get better, and you will learn how to deal with your trials as well. I may have been born in the church, but what kept me in the faith was the blessings that came. I have felt great good, and great evil. If there was no good, nor evil, then I could not have sensed these things. I have also seen many small miracles throughout my life. My family has always been poor, but so long as we paid our tithes, we never lacked for any of the basic necessities of life. We have fed the missionaries, and seen how we have always been blessed with food, or money, each and every time, so that we have never had to fear whether we had enough food for ourselves. Even something as simple as praying to find an important object, such as a document that was lost, and suddenly finding it only shortly thereafter, has happened many times over. These kept me believing, and in time I have seen greater miracles, and can see now that I am being made well again. Now I do not fear to believe, for I know that there is great joy, great happiness, and great peace, to be found in living the truths of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I was born and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This did not stop me from having trials and challenges in my life, but instead prepared me for how to deal with them. When in my darkest hours, I have sought my god in fervent prayer, and have found peace through the spirit that righteous living brings. I not just prayed for guidance, strength, and wisdom, but been willing to follow through on what promptings of the spirit I felt in response. As I have done this, and taken these seeming leaps of faith, I have seen marvelous changes in my life. Seemingly simple things, like exchanging exciting music for peaceful music, or avoiding playing as villains in my computer games and role-playing games, are changes that I was inspired to make after praying for what I should do. These were difficult changes, and ones that didn't make sense, but as I did my best, I gained knowledge of why they were important to me, and I saw that they indeed did effect me in positive ways. Exciting music, for me, seems to block peace. It may feel great at first, but peaceful music brings a wonderful feeling that never fades from overuse or repeated exposure. I want others to understand something important, something that I have learned over many long years. My beginnings had much sorrow, but now because I have been able to recover enough to work with others, I have many new gifts I can use to bring joy to others, and to myself. I have learned patience, because I did not receive an immediate end to my suffering. I have learned great strength of will, as I have overcome terrible fears. I have learned to serve others, and I can understand the depths of sorrow that some may feel. I have learned kindness, as I have sought to forgive those who harmed me most. These wonderful traits, and many more, are all because I went through great suffering, and then through Jesus Christ, have been healed. Now, more than ever, I am prepared to serve.