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Hi I'm Heath J Madsen

I grew up in Magna, Utah. I collect swords. I cook and eat many types of food (mainly Asian) and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I make foam swords and other "larping" weapons. I like to play the Legend of Zelda. I like "old-school" video-games. I like to collect rocks, especially unique and cool rocks. I teach martial arts. I Love all kinds of books. (comics included) I love to study. and I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

well, I grew up in a very committed family to the Mormon church. But that was never enough for me. I had to know for myself. so I studied and studied. I looked around to see other people's belief systems. but all the one's I looked at, couldn't answer the life questions. Where do we come from? Why are we here? what is my propose? and where am I going? without telling me that I was some wicked vile creature a curse to the world, they deny or portray other things in place of the existence of God, tell me that there is no accountability, or they cannot answer the questions. there are only 2 christian churches that have any direct connection to Jesus through the line of authority. and, I READ the book of mormon. PRAYED to know if it wasn't true. I got my answer. The Book of Mormon IS TRUE. I Know It, God knows I know it and I Cannot and Will not deny it. also, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all the laws of God are simple. profound, and makes sense. While everything in the gospel is layered, and truth can continue to be learned it still makes sense. If I was looking for some "deep" and "complex" (confusing) reason that contradicts itself, I would look elsewhere.

How I live my faith

I am officially a full time Missionary (24/7 every day) for 2 years. Watch out Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland here I come. I fought hard for nine months to come teach you. While I and my fellow missionaries are not teaching/sharing/inviting, I and my fellow missionaries are out in the humid heat, pouring rain, even blizzards to find people and teach them. You are that important to me. Well, before, I took many opportunities to teach children some forms of art, I volunteered at the Bishop's Store House (one of the many welfare branches of the the church). I helped out with the local missionaries when I can.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Heath J Madsen
as a missionary, I can tell you from experience, we go out, because we know our message it true. and because we love you, we want to tell you. You may ask, How can I love you if I don't know you? or if I knew you I wouldn't say that. Let me tell you. You are a Child of God. He Loves you, You are my brother or sister and I love you. if I got to know you, I would love you even more, because you are not your mistakes. Who you are isn't what you've done in the past. When I look at people, I don't see (oh, that person is a ____ choose you sin). What I see is, (oh, that person can become ___ whatever awesome type of person you make me think of) and as I know you, that love and devine potential shines even brighter in you. it's like (if) my best friend discovered the cure to any illness (and he gave the okay) I would want you to know how you can use it. free of charge the only condition, is that you go to my amaizing friend and do what he asks you to do. Show more Show less