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Hi I'm Christopher P. Thomas

I'm an artist, aspiring author, blogger, gamer, musician & volunteer. I'm gay but the important thing is that I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 22 years old & I've 2 physical disabilities. My main is Poland Syndrome, meaning I've got 9 fingers instead of 10, as well as other symptoms. I also have scoliosis. I've loved video games since I was 3 & because of this lifelong interest, I created a hugely popular drawing called Pixel Sprite Montage, whic started on Apr. 21, 2012. It's a huge drawing that contains separate drawings made in an art technique called pixel art, or spriting, & it was all done by me. It contains a miscellany of things from video games & pop culture & has appealed to people around the world. There are also LDS drawings on it. I love to play piano & I've been playing keyboard to prepare me for the piano compositions for around 6/7 years. Despite my aforementioned disability, I can play with both hands. From Apr. 15, 2014, I blogged on an almost weekly basis about my reaction to the news that went on around the world, my life in & out of the Church. As of Jan. 2015, I've been on hiatus. I was optimistic about life & felt good until 2006. But, my dad had a heart attack, which I found out after I finished school one day & survived. Over the next year, he went blind & had difficulties walking. He was diagnosed with chest cancer in mid-2007 & died in Sept. of that year. Why did this happen to me? Was there really a God? I didn't want to believe in a so-called "loving God" who would destroy a child's happiness like that. My then atheist self made it harder for me to believe in Him.

Why I am a Mormon

Because of the upsets I had in life & the increasing doubts of God's existence because of this unexpected trial, I wanted things to improve & I was still thinking about that night when I heard my dad was dead. In Jun. 2010, I was approached by 2 young men in suits who tried to preach to me & a friend of mine, but as the word "God" popped up, I was disinterested as I felt like religion was of no importance & my belief that "God" was a destroyer of souls. Soon after, on Aug. 18, 2010, I received a Facebook message from a friend, who invited to take part in a quiz night with other young people. It was great to be a part of & afterwards, I was taught about the Gospel. I remember the day when I was taught about The Plan of Salvation. I never believed death was the end for some reason & it gave me a real eye-opener that the Church clarified that belief. The Gospel of Jesus Christ then started to make more sense. Ever since, I've gone on to believe many things, especially with things I previously thought were fictional & my newfound conversion has made me the happiest I've ever been, even exceeding the joy I had as a kid. My faith in God has increased 3 times: Sept. 19, 2010, when I was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Aug. 4, 2011, when I had a spiritually overwhelming vision & Jan. 12, 2014, when a missionary who served in my area shared knowledge of what he believes happens to the loss of children, in which I had a heavily relatable experience. I'm grateful to have the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life & I know what would've happened if I never had such knowledge, of which I shall not be putting on here. I'm also a Mormon mainly because my talent for art that I mentioned above didn't just come about by coincidence. Many people struggle to do my art field & as I said, I only had one previous experience in doing pixel art & my eye for detail has been given through God. I even amaze myself with my artistic talent!

How I live my faith

As an openly gay Latter-day Saint, it's hard for me to accept some things, including the fact that plans for marriage are at a standstill unless the Lord helps me out, which I have faith that He will. I've also been criticized in minor ways by some people that don't believe that Christians should be gay, & I for one feel deeply aggrieved & horrified that people misinterpret the true nature of God, as some of these so-called 'Christians' believe that gays are immoral & should not be allowed in God's kingdom, but the God I know & love accepts everyone & wants all of them to come unto him through faith. Because of my openness of being gay, I pray that I do not fully succumb to my feelings through same-sex attraction. I hit a rough patch from Aug. 2013, in which I started to question certain things, including the very existence of God after I felt like I had been abandoned after certain things happened to me. It would take me an additional few months afterwards for the truth to be confirmed unto me, which made me have the peace I had back again. On Aug. 2, 2015, I was called to be something unexpected: A Public Affairs Secretary, in which I have to write articles concerning events happening our area that are affiliated with the Church to hopefully resolve people's views & perspectives on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As I receive more humility to know of my Saviour, particularly after an incredible year of my art career in 2015, I feel closer to Him more than ever before, & if I ever want to resolve mine own or someone's doubts, then I'll do the things that I know that will bring people salvation. On May 8, 2016, I was called to be a Ward Missionary for my newest Ward, or congregation. I might've made history as the first openly gay member of the ward, or even my Stake (a lot of congregations put together) to be called to such a position. I'm excited to serve people around my hometown!