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Hi I'm Tom

Grew up in Utah, and lived in Taiwan and China for 3 years. Preparing to apply to the BYU MPH program. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

In the long run, I hope to be a doctor for the Air Force and get involved with health systems development around the world. I loved living in Taiwan and China. I believe that the Chinese have a rich culture. Their powerfully instilled virtues will be a wonderful contribution to the world, especially as their government and people become more and more internationally involved. So, for now, I spend most of my time as a busy college student and am preparing to take the MCAT this summer. Being a cadet in the AFROTC was also an experience that has forever motivated me to promote interdependency between people, achieving infinitely more than any group of individually-minded folk, and fighting for eternal principles such as those upheld by the U.S. constitution. To remind me of the beauty and happiness in life, I like to find things to do with my family and friends. I like to play sports like frisbee, soccer, Tae Kwon Do, bike ride and read books e.g. The Anatomy of Peace, The Screwtape Letters, Leadership and Self-Deception, (inspirational, self-help books), etc. I also love the idea of making entertaining movies/songs to teach difficult curricula in school, and hope to further explore that frontier someday. On that note, making a music video with the original Pokemon theme song teaching the reactions and reagents involved in protein synthesis was possibly my favorite assignment I've ever had.

Why I am a Mormon

Everyone is a convert to the way they choose to live. At age 13, I decided to pray about The Book of Mormon to see if it really is true. God's spiritual answer, and my experience as I've followed His guidance, both told, and still tell me with, undeniable surety that it is true. Even though, throughout my life, it hasn't been the most exciting book to wake up to, it has been a constant source of truth. I've only experienced good coming from that book, because it testifies of Christ. The book teaches us that God loves us and sent His Son, Jesus Christ to save us. It also teaches us that, because God loves us, He will personally tell us that this book is His, and His Son's book revealed for everyone in these days. Because this is Christ's book for us, the Lord proves to us that Joseph Smith was His chosen revealer and prophet, to restore Christ's complete gospel for us to learn and experience for ourselves. It was during my mission to Taiwan that the Lord built me back up with the nonmaterial powers of this stronger testimony and love for Him, the Taiwanese people. I understand more and more the reason why my parents and God want me to learn the gospel: It is true and is the way to learn more and all truth. Looking back at the aforementioned church responsibilities, they are the sources of true good in my life. These experiences have forever proven to me that Christ is our Savior.

How I live my faith

As a wee laddy (around 12-13), there was a time when I'd get to walk door to door collecting the church members' fast offerings. This sticks out in my mind, because it was on Sundays when the ward would fast for special purposes. Because I was fasting too, it seemed like a hard thing to walk around on an empty stomach to the members' houses. That was the same period of time I got to help pass the sacrament (bread and water symbolizing Christ) to the congregation at church. Since then, I've had additional responsibilities like preparing and blessing the sacrament at church and organizing service activities (singing at a rehabilitation clinic or finding donors for a blood drive) for college students to participate in. One responsibility that has changed my life the most was my missionary service to Taiwan. In Taiwan, the Lord broke me down quite a bit as I tried to get used to a new country, culture, lifestyle (24/7 missionary for 2 years) and language. I met and was thoroughly changed by good people like missionary companions, my mission presidents and the humble, striving, struggling and faithful families of Taiwan. Now, as a student, I feel the power of the Atonement support me through a challenging education. Praying, serving, and searching the scriptures have been essential for me to keep a positive and meaningful attitude despite daily deadlines. Recently, I was married in the temple to my best friend whom I'll love forever. Because God has restored his authority on earth, we were sealed in the temple, so we can be together in this life, and in the next, after we've graduated from this life.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

The Atonement is the epitome of the embodiment of love and grace that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have for us. Jesus Christ was willing to go through inconceivable pain and suffering for us. Because of the Atonement, we can be forgiven of our wrongs and return to live with Them, as we did before we came to Earth. The Atonement is the key and power we can access to overcome an imperfect world and still return to live in heaven. This power is manifested when we repent and change ourselves to become better people, aligned with God's will. The power of the Atonement cleanses our souls as we repent, and it also gives us the ability to do anything we need to, also according to God's will. God will not command us to do anything we can't do, and the Atonement is the way for us to accomplish everything He has asked us to do, including becoming perfect like Him someday. Show more Show less