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Hi I'm Justin Dell Perucca

I compose and cover music. I can play any instrument that is like the piano. I love listening to music and I love video games!

About Me

I compose and do covers of music. I can play any thing that is related or can be played like a piano and guitar. I just love music to put it simply. It feels such at peace when not only do I play my own songs, but also covers I do. I have a YouTube Channel with all my songs. I also just love listening to music. I don't really have any specific genre I listen to. Music is just great with the sequences of notes it's in. It's a beautiful sound. Music in general when I listen to it makes me feel closer to peace and closer to God. It is funny because when I am talking to someone or doing something and a song comes on, I have to stop and figure out what song is playing before I continue on with what I am doing. Music is that big for me. I also love to play different kinds of video games. I like to explore different types of various genres of games. I do admit I some times can become a couch potato most of the day. I think there could be a lot potential in video games sometimes. I am currently on my mission in the Canada Calgary Mission. It has been such a blast so far since I have been out here and I love to share the gospel of Jesus Christ whenever I can. Serving brings me joy however form it is like community service, helping someone with computer problems, talking with someone who is struggling with something, or by just smiling and giving them a hand in their life.

Why I am a Mormon

I just have been loved by other people and seen how God has loved me in this life. I have felt happy and want to share that happiness to others so that they can have eternal happiness in the end! Mormonism has always made sense to me. Some people get confused when they read the scriptures and don't know where to go for the back up or explanation of the scriptures. When I ask my Bishop or LDS leaders, they describe it and give a scripture that helps back up the other one. I love doing that! It makes me feel good inside. Also I like the people in the Mormon church. They are so supportive and care for me like I am something important. When sometimes I feel like a bad job on something, they are always there to point out the good things and help me feel welcome. I also loved studying about the scriptures and how I can liken myself to them and it feels awesome! Knowing the the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help me in all things no matter what brings comfort to me and I want to share that with other people out there who feel like nothing can help them in their lives or situation. Their is hope out there and people have a hard time finding it because they don't know where to start. That is why I am on a mission right now and a Mormon so that people may have that opportunity to accept the gospel and peace in their lives.

How I live my faith

I used to be in leadership positions in my deacons, teachers, and priest quorum. I have shown love and friendship to all who need it and I see how people change because of a simple act of kindness can get them so curious about what I believe in. Just showing service and an act of kindness can change peoples life. Now I am on my two year mission in Calgary, Canada and I love sharing the gospel with others out here. I love to serve people and help in anyway that I can with people who are going through hardships. I don't like seeing people down or unhappy so I do my best to cheer them up. One of those things is by my music. I may not be the best musician, but I do what I can to help people feel the Spirit more by my music. I also like to serve others and help people who are feeling like they can't do much or feel like they are worthless. It really makes a difference when you give someone that little push to do the right thing. The effects of it may not come all out at once, but they will come.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Justin Dell Perucca
We are asked at the end of Matthew 28:19 to go and spread the gospel to everyone. This is a volentary work so there is no requirment to do so, but it is well worth and you help the Lord in many ways! Show more Show less

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

Justin Dell Perucca
The Church has made a clear statement on their view of homosexuality. I believe in there stance in it. There are some who are offended by the Churches stance. I have a best friend who told me he was gay and it took me to realize what happened and what my thoughts about being gay or gay marriage. God was the one who created marriage, not man. God knows more than us and He knows the blessings if we follow his commandments about gay marriage. Some times, gays and lesbians find it hard to admit they are gays or lesbians. They are going through a troubled time as well as we may go through later in life or have already gone through. We are always there to help everyone no matter what trials they are going through. We can help these people and still stand with the stance of what the Church has said on this particular subject. Show more Show less