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Hi I'm Nicole

I create. I dream. I nurture. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a stay-at-home mom of THREE crazy little boys. Most days are spent riding bikes, reading stacks of picture books, playing in the sandbox (and trying to keep the sand outside and off of the carpet), kissing "ouchies", changing diapers, blowing bubbles, tickling little bellies, making bread (always more exciting with two "helpers"), drawing - hopefully not on the walls, wiping noses, building forts, etc. And then cleaning up all the left over messes. When my boys are tucked safely in their beds. I spend time relaxing and doing things I love. Sewing, quilting and learning knew things. Right now, I am learning how to ferment vegetables and how to do calligraphy. I also love to read classic novels with my best-friend and husband. He does the accents when he wants extra cuddles. On particularly long days, I make my husband watch period mini-dramas with me while I paint my toe nails (usually red-in case you were wondering). I day dream of having a little farm with chickens, ducks and geese, bees, a milking cow, a horse and an amazing garden. All of these things will obviously take care of themselves, and I will have plenty of time to cook, read, travel, quilt, bake bread, and most importantly cuddle with my family on a quilt under a weeping willow.

Why I am a Mormon

My life felt empty, I felt unhappy, from somewhere within, I knew that I was meant to have Joy. I was meant to smile, meant to feel light, I was meant to have a purpose. I had grown up in a home that practiced Mormonism. My family was active in their faith, but I chose not to be. As a 19-year-old girl, feeling despair and heaviness of heart, but knowing that life was meant to feel happy, I knelt down and prayed for the first time, with a sincere desire to know what to do. To know if God was there and if Jesus was the Christ. Like all the other times I had prayed, nothing happened. God didn't speak to me, no angels appeared to me BUT I did FEEL something. A gentle urging to open up The Book of Mormon and read. So I did. I opened it up and read. I didn't read for very long and honestly, I didn't really even understand what I read BUT I felt peace. Peace was big for me at this point in my life, so the next day I prayed to my Father in Heaven again, asking him the same questions as before and again there were no angels no lightning bolts but there was a gentle urging to open the book and to read. The same as before, it wasn't long and I didn't really understand it but I did feel peace. So it continued for a couple weeks. At the time, I worked as a waitress and I had a few regular customers. At work one day, a customer said something like, "Nicole, you have changed! You are happier, nicer, you even look different. You have light in your eyes. What happened to you?". I realized when this man asked me this question that Reading The Book of Mormon, praying to God, asking for his help, had changed me. I no longer felt lonely, empty and full of despair. I felt light, peace, happiness! I was full of joy! This is why I'm a Mormon. I have read The Book of Mormon. I know that it is the word of God. I know anyone who is searching for peace can find it as they read the book and act on the principles taught in it. I promise.

How I live my faith

I live my faith each day as I teach my children to kneel and pray to their Heavenly Father in prayer, as I share a Bible or Book of Mormon story with them, teach them what Jesus would do in a specific situation and as I teach them simple children's hymns like, " I am trying to be like Jesus". I am not a perfect mom nor a perfect Christian but as I *try* to be the neighbor and parent Christ would have been I know that God is proud of my effort.