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Hi I'm Jace

Hi, I am Jace! My hobbies include basketball, golf, and Math. I was a missionary in Taiwan Taipei, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm Jace and I usually keep to myself, but because of my missionary experience I am more comfortable talking to strangers. I love helping people with almost anything, especially math homework. I get excited over numbers, formulas, equations, and math textbooks. Learning is a hobby, but I live in a small town with limited education opportunities, so through education programs and much effort I graduated from high school with an Associates of Science degree. I love my family, friends, and the Gospel, all of which bless my life in so many ways. Because of these blessings, I spent two years taking the message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in Taipei, Taiwan. I plan on studying and majoring in Mechanical Engineering while also learning as many languages as possible. A major belief of mine is that communication is key. As a result, I want to be able to communicate with as many people as possible. My ultimate goal is to learn anywhere from 7-10 languages, besides my mother tongue of English. To name a few: Mandarin (currently learning), Spanish, French, German, Farci, ASL, Russian, maybe Hebrew, and the most beautiful language I have ever heard, Swahili. Hakuna Matata!

Why I am a Mormon

For most of my life, I felt confident that my testimony and family was the major factor in determining my love for the church. After one of my best friends took his own life, I wanted his life to make a difference in mine, albeit a positive one. Ever since then I have realized that it is Christ's life that truly makes the difference in all of our lives. As I strive to gain more knowledge of the world around me, I also strive to gain more knowledge of Christ's love for me and for His children. My testimony has grown 10-fold, perhaps even 100-fold within the last year.

How I live my faith

A personal belief is hard work, which I can testify is hard. When I find myself working hard in things that are temporal or in things that are spiritual I always find a feeling of love, joy, and satisfaction. Without hard work, these feelings are often weaker or even non-existent. One of the best principles of hard work is knowing the end goal, even if it is vague and details are few. The teachings of this church let me know what that goal is: a fullness of joy and eternal life with my family in the presence of God, our Heavenly Father. All other principles, doctrine, covenants, and blessings of the gospel are appendages of this plan. This is why I work hard to be a missionary, son, brother, and future husband and father.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Baptisms for the dead is, in my opinion, one of the many ways Christ has extended mercy to all of God's children. Why do we perform these baptisms though? The example below may clarify: Most high schools offer a series of courses. In our high school career, we often have to attend the "required courses." If not taken, these courses can limit us, even voiding our graduation. If a student fails to study or even pass the course, it must be retaken before graduation can be valid. In other words, many of God's children will have the opportunity to learn of Christ's gospel and accept it by receiving baptism. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we believe that baptism can only be performed only in an earthly body by one who has been given the authority to perform the ordinance of baptism. Those who have died without this ordinance have not "passed" the course, voiding their chance at receiving the mercy of Christ and the saving power of His miraculous Atonement. In temples built for the very purpose of saving those who have not "passed" the course, we perform these baptisms (and other required ordinances) for those who have died without it. It is then that they accept and receive the mercy of Christ and can then "graduate", or in other words, receive eternal life. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

While I was young(er) I often felt that I learned a lot from my mistakes. Which is due somewhat to my somewhat perfectionist attitude, or in other words, I often feared mistakes. I tried my best to be the best at certain things and if there was any chance that I would be wrong I would not act. Only when I was 100% confident in myself would I answer questions or attempt problems. On occasion, despite my efforts to be perfect, I would fail, much to my disappointment, embarrassment, and perhaps a beating to what my imagined reputation. I was rarely mocked or laughed at when I made mistakes, but yet these mistakes still brought me great disappointment. Sometimes these mistakes were related to my educational life, such as obtaining 93.7% on a test when 94% was the minimum for an A. Though these mistakes often won't affect my eternal course, I know that I will inevitably make mistakes of a spiritual nature that will do so. I had learned for myself that imperfect spirits/beings cannot dwell with a perfect God. My guilt would be too great. An ultimate goal of my life is to prepare to live with God and to experience a fullness of joy in a eternal family environment. Thanks to Jesus Christ, I have a Savior who allows me to receive forgiveness for any and every mistake that I properly repent of. This brings great joy to me knowing I have this opportunity and even greater joy when I take advantage of it! Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon temples? What goes on in Mormon temples?

In temples we learn about eternal truths and make sacred covenants, or two-way promises, with God. God, our Heavenly Father, has promised great blessings, even eternal joy, on the conditions that he has made. I personally, being an imperfect person, would find fault in myself setting conditions that God would have to keep and uphold. Some members of the church, on occasion, fall short of these unchanging conditions. Forgiveness is offered to every repentant individual to allow them to enjoy the promised blessings. One of Heavenly Father's conditions about the details of the covenants in temples is that it remains personal between me and God! It may sound weird, but one may have personal experiences that only he or she keeps secret with his/her mother. I am one of these! We don't openly share these but one thing I can witness is that my relationship with my mother has grown because of such. God, because of His great love for all of His children, offers the saving ordinances and covenants to those who have died without a knowledge of such. In temples, we are the proxy, or substitute, for these innocent people. Several individuals play proxy for these individuals, uniting them together for eternity, giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy eternal life and joy in a family environment. One other ordinance performed is baptisms for the dead, which I have happily explained in another question on my profile! Show more Show less