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Hi I'm Madison Dunne

I'm Oregonian, I'm a student, and I love soft pretzels.

About Me

I am someone who cares deeply: I care about the environment, my family's wellbeing, my friends' happiness, and the kinds of food and drink I put into my body. I care about how I live The Gospel each day, about Jesus' sacrifice for me and all of mankind, and the safety and quality of life of everyone in other countries, as well as my own. I love learning languages; I think they're a fun way to have an open mind, acquire a different perspective of life, and a great way to connect with others world-wide. I think language is a great tool for sharing God's love with others; I dedicate my Instagram account to uploading inspirational quotes, promoting world-wide love and acceptance, and embracing the beauty in other religions and cultures. I've come into contact with Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Baptists, Atheists, and other Christians through Instagram and we've all had very positive interactions through sharing our beliefs with one another! I cherish moments of connection each day: connection with other people, connection to my Saviour, and connection to God. Sometimes I like hanging out with people I hardly know so I can learn and grow. Life is full of experiences and I love connecting with people who want to be heard! I'm also an imperfect person and learn each day from my mistakes, but that's another reason I'm so grateful for my Saviour and forgiveness!

Why I am a Mormon

You could say that I'm Mormon because I grew up with a family where my parents were already Mormon. However, I wasn't forced into this church. It has always been my choice. I'm Mormon because living Christ's Gospel and living God's commandments makes me happy! I'm Mormon because I love having both the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon to go to for direction! Together, they teach us, with more clarity, eternal truths. I have asked God if the Book of Mormon really is another testament of Jesus Christ and if it is more of the word of God, and He has spoken to my soul and told me that it is. I'm also Mormon because understanding my divine purpose and destiny brings me greater trust, hope, and determination in life! It brings me hope and peace knowing what my loved ones, who have passed away, are doing right now and how I can help them. I want this kind of joy and peace of mind for everyone!

How I live my faith

I live my faith through spreading positivity and testifying of God when I have the chance! As I mentioned in my "About Me" section, I do a lot of this through my Instagram account because I have international contact with people where we encourage each other to do good! (since there isn't a section for Instagram below, my Instagram account is @waitimnotdunne) Aside from this, I live my faith by reading my scriptures each day, communicating with God frequently throughout the day, and serving others. I also live my faith by having love for everyone I meet and treating them as I would like to be treated. I share touching scriptures, and spiritual experiences and insights with my friends too. I also repent every day for my shortcomings and mistakes. I also live my faith by being loving and accepting of those who are not of my faith. I think we all have something to learn from each other and that there is good in every religion! I live my faith by doing my best to become a better person and act more like Christ every day.

What is the difference between attending church and the temple?

Madison Dunne
A church in the Mormon church is a dedicated public building where Mormons and visitors of any kind can meet to pray, study scripture, worship, partake of the sacrament and share experiences or beliefs that have strengthened testimonies. Church is a place where people can share their experiences and beliefs so their faith can grow stronger after hearing others' perspectives and be nourished by God's word. On the other hand, a temple is a dedicated building where sacred ordinances are performed in order to obtain eternal life. The temple literally means "House of the Lord" (1 Kings 6:1, 37). We make covenants, or promises, with God in that sacred building. Only those who obey God's commandments and are found to be worthy can enter into the sacred temple. However, everyone is welcome to go into the lobby and learn about the temple or simply sit and find peace. Show more Show less