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Hi I'm Nick Dorland

I grew up in Pueblo, Colorado, I like to play video games, I believe cheesecake is a pie, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy a good story. Whether it comes in the form of a good book or a flashy TV show makes little difference. With video games, however, it's a lot harder to put that kind of feeling into the story. The writers have to make the characters easy to connect with, the designers have to keep the immersion up at all times, and generally the entire team must focus on putting the player in the shoes of the protagonist to get the full effect. I believe that's why I enjoy them more than any form of media. They put great love and care into everything they do, and I guess it reminds me of how I approach everyday activities. I keep my studies up, I make sure to help those around me when they ask for it, and I try my hardest to make time for myself to get lost in a good story.

Why I am a Mormon

It's a challenge to be Mormon. Not that I'm complaining, but rather I find that as a reason to be Mormon. I'm one to accept challenges, which would partially explain why I enjoy video games so much. The challenge to do the tasks that are handed to me, whether there be one correct way or whether the player can find an alternate route to do the same thing is what keeps me interested in them, and the same could be said about keeping my faith. I know there are a lot of chances to jump in the water that everyone else says is "fine", but keeping my feet dry is more challenging than one might imagine. It's also one goal that is more rewarding. For example: I have never drank a single drop of coffee. I don't swear, even when I'm highly frustrated. I keep myself away from any rated R movie. All of these are what I do to keep my faith strong, but the results are astounding in compassion to what I'd get were I to do those things. I have no addiction to any substance that could damage my body. Keeping my head when flustered is rewarding, especially in the work area. I don't have to worry about what I look up on my laptop and my family going through my browser history. The most amazing one, however, is how I'm able to focus for hours on end and with a perky attitude without needing a single drop of caffeine. I know my boundaries, I don't push them, and therefore I have no fear of falling over the cliff that is on the other side. What I'm getting at, though, is I tend to think of things on an analytical side. When it comes to topics of God and scriptural faith, I find that the lack of disproving evidence is more convincing than the question of whether it's there at all. I look at situations as both the "Prove me right" and the "Prove me wrong" mindset, and as far as my faith goes, there isn't enough evidence or convincing arguments on the "wrong" side to debunk the "right" side. I know what is right, and I love the comfort it gives me.

How I live my faith

I have recently finished High School, which was a scary experience. People today aren't too keen in keeping their image clean, and in some cases it's looked as "cool" to have a bit of smudge on that image. So, when it's normal to be spotted, I find myself unique by being plain, even if it's the little things in life. I keep my mouth away from certain words that are bleeped out of shows for a reason, I do small things such as holding a door open, and through that I find that people notice that I am, truly, unique. Even so, I cannot help but acknowledge the fact that it's hard. With people around me speaking American (English is common language, Canadian is adding "eh" after everything, and American is like Canadian but with swear words rather than "eh"), a lack of motivation to do much being almost palpable, and the horror of the books that are required to read in English class, there are times where it seems like it'd just be easier to hang the coat up and go with the flow. However, with the people I know who aren't like that, I know I'd put myself to shame were I to just give up now. I continue strong, knowing that there are benefits to living the righteous live, not only spiritually, but also worldly. I have friends of the same faith, I have family that knows what I'm capable of, and all of that keeps me going strong.