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Hi I'm Linda-Mari Brubo

I'm Norwegian, I think Josh Hutcherson is the most good-looking actor ever, I love palm trees and guess what? I'm mormon.

About Me

Ah, I don't like that question.. "say something about yourself".. like what the heck do you say? Haha. Well, I was born in Norway 18 years ago. I was raised in a family where God never was anything but fiction. I'm always trying to find something that I'm really good at, and right now I believe it's playing the accordion... not that I've ever tried, it's just that I have to believe I'm good at something, right? haha no I'm just kidding. My favorite food ever is Uncle Ben's rice with bernaice sauce, I don't know if anyone but Norway has it.. it's good just so you know! Other than that I'm in love with palm trees and thunderstorms! Going to study at SUU next year! Can't wait:)

Why I am a Mormon

I'm mormon because I know it's right. I'm mormon because I know that the Book of Mormon truly is another testament of Jesus Christ. I'm mormon because I know that this gospel is the right gospel, it's the truth again restored on this earth. I'm proud of being lds, I'm proud of the values we have and the things we do. I'm proud of every single thing being mormon. Prayers work, everyone should give it a try. It may be hard at first, trying to pray... but when you open your heart to it you can feel the goodness shining trough! I love my heavenly father, and I know that following his commandments and living by trying to follow the amazing example Jesus Christ, I can live with him again. I'm greatful for all of the blessings that he gives me, and for the Holy Ghost that helps me every day. I'm mormon because I like it, because I know for myself that this is the truth. I hope everyone else will to, some day!:) (I've never been good at testemonies, but I still try the best that I can... I guess putting your feelings into words is the hardest thing for me to do.. but I'll work on it!:))

How I live my faith

I LOVE my faith! Seriously, if I could (and had the patience for it without wanting to throw a chair at people that disagree with me) I would go around preaching to everyone I know every single day. I'm not good at defending my faith when annoying atheists starts arguing... I always try, but end up saying: "OH MY GOSH, well this is what I believe so deal with it!" or "ok ok can't you just talk with the missionaries and ask THEM these questions?!" haha I need to work on that... My faith has been with me since 2011, when I, the 6th of July, was baptized. I don't regret it at all. I live my faith by striving to become better every day. I'm also a primary teacher which is the best call ever! I love it so much! I try to be a good example for both my family and friends. I know there's a lot of things I need to improve, but that's why we're here on earth, right?:) We're only three lds-girls under the age of 20 in this town... that makes things really hard at times, but I'm always standing up for what I believe, so I live my faith that way too. Trying to convince me to things I don't think is right is wasting time.. and people have noticed that haha. I try to tell everyone in my way about the greatness of this church, and hope that they one day will change their minds and hearts and find their way to the church!