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Hi I'm Matthew

I'm a computer Animator who has worked on 5 PlayStation games... and I'm a mormon.

About Me

I am a Husband and a father of 4 kids. I play LOTS of video games. I am an avid supporter of Nintendo, makers of the worlds best video games! I am a computer animator and the last few years I have worked in the video games industry making games. I love to build computers and I am CONSTANTLY fiddling with hardware and software. I have a lot of Ideas for inventions ... I like to make things, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with new ideas for a new game or something and I write it down.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this church, but there came a time when I was about 16 when (everyone goes through it) you really are trying to figure out who you are, and what you really believe. I began to study the Book of Mormon with real intent. The enlightenment and spiritual uplift I received filled my soul with peace. I knew it was a true book by the peace I felt while reading it. It testifies of christ, explains his gospel and lets you feel his love. I liked to help the missionaries with their teaching appointments, so one day I went with them to knock on some apartment doors. We found a lady who let us in and was willing to listen. As the Elder taught about Joseph Smith, and how he had received a visitation from God and Jesus Christ, my chest burned with a warm sensation for peace and truth. I knew right then at that moment that the young boy Joseph was called to be a Prophet of god, and chosen to restore the fullness of Christ's gospel. I looked at the lady, she wasn't really into it... I also realized that that moment was for me, and my conversion had just taken place. A few years later I became a missionary myself serving in the Pennsylvania, Philadelphia mission, I got to learn spanish as I shared God's plan with his children in Pennsylvania. Many times I had that feeling of truth and peace reiterated as we taught. One time in particular we were knocking on doors, and there was a loud movie playing in this one apartment. We knocked anyway. The noise stopped, we were invited in, and we shared that same message of God's visitation with Joseph Smith. No sooner had we mentioned the experience, the girl who was listening began to cry and the power of God's spirit filled the entire room. I have never felt it so strong and real as that day. God lives. This is his work.

How I live my faith

At church I work with the young men and participate in scouting events. I have figured out however that callings are limited... and sometimes I like to do service for people in the ward by fixing their computers for free and helping them in any other way. I found that when you help others you too will receive help when in need. Its all about charity, which is selfless sacrifice and service... it really shows you care about people.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

I love the fact that God loves his children enough to send them instructions to help them return to be with him. One way he has done this is by bringing back his priesthood power (God's power given to men on earth to act in his name) ... This is a real power, only received by one who already has this authority. You cannot simply self proclaim authority upon yourself... neither can you go to a school and study and then receive it... God Himself must give it. This is what we believe happened to Joseph Smith a couple hundred years ago. Since Jesus and his apostles were killed, and many followers of Jesus' original church persecuted and killed as well, that power to speak with god face to face and relay his will was lost. Among other responsibilities of the apostles and those who held gods authority are things like baptism and laying on of hands for the gift of the holy ghost. I mean... Jesus himself ordained the Apostles and gave them the power to baptize, teach, and run his church. This power and authority was lost from the earth. All churches after Jesus' and his followers death, DID NOT have this power, and were churches of man, not of god. While they may have had some truths and correct teachings, they lacked authority to actually teach it, baptize properly, and other things. This is why God visited Josepth Smith, called him as a prophet like he did to moses and others, and brought back that Priesthood Authority that only god can give. Show more Show less