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Hi I'm Jaxon

I am and Eagle Scout, I love leadership, and love to spend time in the amazing outdoors of Idaho. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a great love for the outdoors. This is where I can relax and concentrate on the important things in my life the very best. Fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking are just a few things I love to do out there. I am an Eagle Scout, and this is something that has given me lots of time outdoors, and has prepared me for leadership positions and many other blessings. I work on a Dairy, and although it is hard work, and often am yelled at by an "angry at life" boss, I am just grateful for the experience it gives me, because I know it is for my own good. I love leadership, and have been in leadership positions in both school and scouting, but my favorite kind of leadership is the opportunity to help others grow. I have been so blessed to have a position to where I am able to help young boys, and show them the great things that they have to offer the world. I am in high school, but am just a few months away from leaving to serve in the Honduras Comayagüela Mission. I am lucky enough to live by a Temple, where I can take wonderful advantage of the blessings it offers. At school, I am on Student Council, where I am able to help the school become a better place. I have been able to help do a few things to prevent bullying, and promote kindness, and it has been a true blessing in my life to see how many people have something good to say, but are afraid to say it. I am also the Sports Editor for our school newspaper. I am currently a ward missionary.

Why I am a Mormon

This is the pathway to eternal happiness. I am a member of this Church because I followed the promise given in James 1:5, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God". I have learned to know through honest and sincere prayer, that this is the true and only church on the Earth today. The sincerity and truth I have found through the spirit, is an unimaginable feeling that anyone can receive, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance. The blessings of being obedient are unfathomable. I know doing so, and by being a member of this church I have been able to witness the power of the spirit of Jesus Christ. Being a member of this church gives a vision to of your full purpose, seen through the power of the spirit. This vision is so beautiful, and so magnificent, I have been able to gain enough faith that even in times of conflict, unhappiness, or turmoil, I can KNOW with a full surety, that God loves us so much, that he let's us make mistakes so we gain the most wisdom and happiness possible. I know that I can see through this vision by reading the Holy Scriptures, which are filled with an unimaginable amount of knowledge and truth, that I know are absolutely truthful, by the spirit of Jesus Christ. I know I can gain this vision by praying directly to Heavenly Father, which has given me real answers, to real problems, and real results. I know that a true virtue is patience. Patience in prayer, and others, will lead to happiness. I am eternally grateful for these gifts, and knowledge Heavenly Father has given to us. I know that hard decisions are given to us in life, because the outcome of being obedient will be so eternally rewarding, that it is impossible for the human mind to comprehend it. I know that I can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ one day, and that we can live with our families forever after life. This Church is true, it is eternal gratification, and it is real happiness. I know it will all be worth it one day, and that anyone can have it.

How I live my faith

I am currently a Ward Missionary. So I am able to go out with the Missionaries and help them teach people the truth of our gospel. This is a great calling to be in, because it really shows me how the spirit can work with people who are unfamiliar to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am also a home teacher, which is an amazing program. In fact, it is an inspired program, revealed to us to help the strength of specific members in our wards. I love this program, and know it is true. Being a home teacher I have the opportunity to visit with a few families, and share a small spiritual message meant to uplift and guide them. It is also a great program used for those in the ward who are not as active. I also have another great opportunity, which is being a Seminary student. Many ask what it is; seminary is another way of helping LDS High School students grow and learn about doctrines of our church. We have a simple lesson, and get to ask our Seminary teacher random questions to learn about. This helps us so that we can carry these thoughts with us throughout our day at school, and to be ready for questions about our church. I know that this also, is an inspired program. I also get to participate in mutual every Wednesday. Mutual is a gathering of all the youth in our ward, just for an hour and a half or so. We do things such as service, and even just regular games and activities meant to strengthen our relationships with each other. I love mutual because it is a great way for people who never would know each other, to become great friends. I love mutual because it helps us learn important social skills, along with making friends and occasionally learning about the gospel even more. I love being of this faith because there is always something going on. It helps me to not just be a Latter Day Saint, but to learn why I am. Not just so I can fill time, but improve and prepare my life for the future, and enjoy the rich blessings of everyday life.