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Hi I'm Chris

I am from Las Cruces, New Mexico. I was in the Air Force the for 8 years, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a member convert...I was born in the church but was inactive for 25+ years. I have since returned to activity and have reconnected with who I am and what my parents were trying to teach me. I was in the military for 8 years, with my first assignment being in Germany, then North Dakota, then to Alaska. I got out of the military and begin working as a government contractor with the wonderful opportunity to travel to many other states. I am a "late bloomer" and just really began to enjoy reading, knitting and trying new things. I certified as a personal trainer and plan on going back to school this year to further my education at this late season in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

Although born in the church but was inactive for 25+ years. My parents divorced when I was 7. Mom remarried a non-member, she worked nights so for me the adjustment was really hard. We were an inactive family for years, occasionally going to church, and by the time my stepfather joined the church I was already well on my way to rebellion. For years after I was living the life that some wished they had...visiting exotic places, partying with friends, hunting and fishing in places people wish they could; I also recognized a void that all of my follies couldn't fill. A void that neither alcohol, shopping or even hunting could fill....the bigger it got, the more depressed I got because I knew something was missing. I attended churches of other faiths in search of healing with no avail. No other religion could fill the void or remove the pain that needed healing. One day I sat still and listened....it was then I knew I was missing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I had a small testimony from my younger days, however small, but one none the less, and I missed it. It was then I decided it was time to come back. Since my return, the void has been filled. I am happier, my life is full with meaning, I understand WHO I AM, my purpose here on earth. My trials haven't diminished, but they are lightened; I understand why I have them and try to learn from them. I have purpose and enlightenment now. The experiences in my past, good or bad, have made me who I am; have provided some very humbling lessons that have helped me relate to those who have and are struggling with Word of Wisdom issues; those who feel like they are unworthy; those struggling to return but feel judged by others because of their pasts; it is the experiences of my past that make me more empathetic and understanding.

How I live my faith

I have been a "member convert" since 2005 when I chose to return to church. My first calling I ever received was Sunday School Teacher for the youth...we were studying the Book of Mormon. I had never read the Book of Mormon until that calling and what a gift it was. I was then called as the Young Women's President....a calling that was to help meet the needs of the young women ages 12-17. I had no experience in since I was a tomboy growing up....but I realized that Father in Heaven knew my experience as an inactive was perfect for the young women I had in my class....I had 3 who very much needed that understanding. I transferred to another city and the callings kept coming, mostly with the youth and children. My husband and I now have callings as Cannery Specialists to help the members build their food storage and prepare for emergencies. We teach 10 year old boys to become future leaders as Webelo Scout Leaders. I try to live my faith by being an example of what we believe and by sharing my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel by relating my life story of "conversion". How my experiences of marriage disharmony, bad choices led me to a place of emotional turmoil that I couldn't see beyond. How the need of finding a way something better in my life, led me find the Gospel again.